How to Make Money From A Knitting Blog

Post contains some affiliate links.

There are hundreds of knitting blogs on the world wide web and many of them have been built purely for the purpose of making money.

It is quite possible to generate a decent income from blogging if you know how to do it and work hard at writing useful, interesting content that will attract readers to your blog.

A website or blog that nobody visits won’t make any money.  If you want to make some cash from a knitting, crochet, craft or any other type of blog, you need to be dedicated and understand that it is a long term process and that you won’t become rich quickly.

In fact, it takes around 6 months for search engines to find and rank your articles.  You can attract visitors before that by using social media such as Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your blog posts. 

However, for making money you will need a large readership, created mostly via search engines, and so you need to be really certain that you are able to commit to blogging as a long term business.

If you are determined that you would like to make from money from a knitting blog, keep reading.

This article will explain some of best the ways that you can make money by writing a blog about knitting, crochet, or any other sort of crafts.

You first step to make money from blog is of course to actually start one.

There are numerous blogging platforms to choose from and this includes both free and paid for options.

We have written an article containing the details for the best blogging sites for knitting and crafts blogs and you can read it here.

How to make money from your blog

Once you have chosen which platform to use for your knitting or craft blog and set up the basics, you need to start writing what is known as content.  In other words, you need to really invest some time in writing articles.

Your actual blog should ideally have a niche.  This will help you to get more readers and, as already written, more readers equals more money.

The more niche your topic is, the more the search engines will sense that you are a knowledgable authority about your topic and your articles will start to be ranked high in search results.  This is the main way that you will get traffic onto your knitting blog.

An example of a niche in knitting blogs or websites might be one that is dedicated to helping readers find free knitting patterns. There are indeed websites which specialise in this topic and if you search for ‘free knitting patterns’ you will find them.

Knitters really enjoy free knitting patterns. Publishing these on your blog can bring you happy readers. There are numerous websites dedicated to this one topic alone. Finding a knitting niche to blog about will really help to drive traffic to your blog.

Because the free knitting pattern websites have chosen this niche and stick to this topic, the same keywords, ie. ‘free knitting patterns’ appear in their articles over and over again.  Search engines see this and place them at the top of the search results because clearly they are an authority in this niche.

That is how they get high traffic, and then make good money.

This is called SEO – search engine optimisation.

You need to find a niche, and preferably one that hasn’t already been excessively covered, so that you attract traffic.  For attracting traffic is essential if you want to make money from a knitting blog.

The importance of useful content

The content that you write for your knitting blog needs to be useful if you want to attract readers.  Think about what people look for when they type into Google.  They often ask questions.  I can tell you now that the question ‘how to knit a scarf’ is one of the most searched for terms within the topic of knitting. 

‘Free knitting patterns’ is another popular searched for term.  We discussed that in the previous chapter.

Think about what people would find useful, within your chosen blogging niche, and write helpful and informative content about that for your blog.  That is the best advice for building up a knitting blog that can generate money.

Once you have your traffic, through writing useful content and getting ranked highly by search engines, you can start to make some money from your blog. We will now discuss some of the best ways to do this.

Selling and promoting your products

If you sell your knitting or knitwear designs, a blog is a great way to share your work with potential customers.

You can display photo galleries of your knitting and designs, and blog about how you made it.  Giving away free knitting patterns is a great way to attract traffic to your blog.  Knitters are always on the look out for free patterns.

Here is a knitting pattern that is available for free here on The Knitting Times.  Once we had published this on our blog we listed it on Ravelry and people see that and visit us every day just to see that free knitting pattern.

The pattern contains links to products for sale as well as generally generating traffic. This may one day result in some money being made.

Do this hundreds of times and the odds are that somehow, be it via the outgoing links or via advertising, publishing free knitting patterns can certainly help to make some money from a knitting blog.

You can of course sell your own knitting patterns and actual knitting via an online store.  This can be on the same website as your blog, or you can use your blog to direct people to your store.  Perhaps you sell on Etsy.  Your blog can give out the links to your shop there.

I found a brilliant knitting and craft blog that does this to a high standard.  The blog is called Savlabot, and most of the posts there lead to the author’s store on Etsy.  There are items such as knitting patterns and digital print outs for sale there.  It is a beautiful store and an excellent blog, actually.

I found the blog and whilst googling for scrunchies knitting patterns.  The post is top of Google’s results and now I know about the Etsy store and may well buy something from there.  This is a brilliant example of how a knitting blog can help you to promote your own products. As mentioned above, the blog uses the strategy of giving away a lot of free knitting patterns – indeed this is how I found it. People look at the free patterns and then click on the onward links to goods which are for sale.

If you are a designer, maybe a big yarn house or publisher will see your designs and offer you work or a partnership.

In all of these different ways, starting a knitting blog can definitely help you to make money by selling and promoting your own products.

Click here to read our articles which gives advice about finding the right platform to write your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

You can make money on a knitting blog even when you don’t have any products of your own to sell.

One way of doing this is via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote the products or services of other companies and whenever a reader buys anything via your lead, you receive a commission.

The easiest way to start an affiliate marketing career is to sign up with amazon affiliates. This is one of the biggest affiliate agencies in the world and where many affiliates cut their teeth.

You could promote wool, knitting books, equipment, even knitting machines using the amazon affiliate scheme and if you do it well you can earn a good income.

There are some other key agencies that would be beneficial to sign up to if you run a knitting blog.  We will write out a list of these and publish it soon. 

UPDATE: Here is the article containing the list of affiliate marketing agencies that you could join.

This will really save you time as it can be difficult to locate where all of the knitting related companies hold their affiliate accounts. 


Displaying adverts on your blog is another way to make money.

Google Adsense is the main place to do this, however you can’t use Adsense on all blogs.  The Knitting Times that you are reading now for example is excluded from that advertising scheme.  That is because we use a hosted blogging platform run by WordPress.  We have access to their in house advertising scheme, Ad Words. Blogs using a premium and above version of their blogging platform are instantly accepted to this advertising program.

If you start a self hosted WordPress blog or website by signing up with Bluehost you can make money by running ads via Google Adsense and any other advertisers that you wish to use.

That is because you own a self hosted website and can do pretty much what you what with it.

Of course to run adverts you need to be accepted by the advertisement company.  You will need a fair amount of useful content on your blog and like with all other ways of making money via blogging, it takes some time to make any sort of profit.

Writing Sponsored Posts

In time, your knitting blog may come to the attention of some important companies or designers and they may offer you money or free gifts to post about them and their products.

Some bloggers do this extremely successfully and use social media alongside their blogs to make a name for themselves and earn rewards.

If you have a passion and talent for knitting this will shine through on your blog and who knows who may stumble across your writing and work.

Making money from a knitting blog – a summary

There are many ways to make money from a knitting blog.

The key methods are advertising, affiliate links, selling your own products and writing sponsored posts.

Blogging is not a fast way to make any money.  You need to think long term and be prepared to spend many, many hours writing useful and informative content.

Even doing this is no guarantee that you will successfully make any money.  The world is full of blogs, after all, and people do like to watch videos these days.

However, it is our opinion that knitting is one topic that people like to read about.  Indeed, patterns are usually best written down and people love to scroll through blog posts with their phones and on their tablets.

Ultimately, some bloggers make a great deal of money and become extremely well known via their online articles.

If you like to write, it is worth giving it a go.  Affiliate marketing can be done on a free blog with no financial outlay whatsoever.  Apart from time, you have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

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