The best flat knit, 2 needle socks knitting patterns

Do you prefer to knit flat on 2 straight needles, rather than in the round on circular or double pointed needles?

I know I do! Due to being a knit flat fan, I have never really got into sock knitting. Most sock knitting patterns are in the round, usually on dpns, and quite frankly it looks terrifying.

After a good look around the Internet, I found some really lovely knit flatsock knitting patterns. There is actually a really great choice in knitting patterns if you want to knit some socks on straight needles!

Read on to find my list of the best.

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How to knit socks on 2 straight needles

Socks are usually knit in the round on double pointed needles. The advantage of knitting them this way is that you don’t have to sew any seams at the end.

Many knitters prefer however to knit on two straight needles, and often avoid knitting socks as they think they may have to knit them in the round. This is not the case though. It is actually quite easy to flat knit socks.

To knit socks on 2 straight needles, you will basically knit a flat piece of fabric and then sew up the seam at the end. Many knit flat sock knitting patterns advise to use the Kitchener stitch to seam the piece. There are also patterns which use crochet to sew the sock up at the end. You can use whatever method you prefer to sew up your flat knit socks. You could even use a contrasting yarn to give your socks a fun and interesting appearance.

Some straight needle socks are knit from the top down, others from the toe up. Our list of the best knit flat, 2 needle socks contains a variety of methods and difficulty levels, enabling all knitting fans, from new to more experiences crafters, to knit a great pair of socks without having to knit in the round.

Here is our list of favourite flat knit sock knitting patterns. Some are free, others not. Simply click on the links to view the patterns and learn how to knit socks on two needles!

Our list of the best two needle, flat knit sock knitting patterns.

  • Vintage knitting patterns, especially British ones, are a great secret for anyone looking to knit some socks on 2 straight needles. Back in the day, knitting in the round in Great Britain was just about unheard of. These bed socks are a brilliant example of flat knit socks that are easy to make. One of the designs doesn’t even have any heel shaping to worry about. The photo of these vintage socks is at the bottom of this list.
  • Second on the list of knit flat sock knitting patterns is a really quick to knit pair of super chunky socks.. Actually, it is the socks that you can see in the main photo – they are knit from the amazing We Are Knitters The Wool. You can use any super chunky wool to knit these socks though. This is a really easy knitting pattern for flat knit socks with no heel shaping involved. You can find this sock knitting pattern here on Etsy.
  • If you are looking for a free knit flat socks pattern, you may be interested in the Two Needle Socks design on Ravelry. These clever socks are knit up in dk yarn and look brilliant.
  • There is a great pair of striped socks for men available at The Knitting Network. This inexpensive pattern is described as an easy way to knit socks – knit flat and then seamed at the end. These socks are knit in 4 ply yarn and look brilliant. You can find the pattern by clicking here. It is available as a download and as a paper pattern.
  • Next on our list of knit flat sock knitting patterns is an amazing, and free, chunky sock knitting pattern by Debbie Bliss. You can find the instructions to make these cosy looking socks here on Lovecrafts.
  • If you are new to knitting socks, you may like these Simple Striped Baby Socks. You can knit these socks either flat or in the round, and they are a great way to start getting into sock knitting. This is a paid for pattern on Lovecrafts.
  • The Whims easy knit flat socks is available for free online or for a fee you can download a printable knitting pattern. Check out these great looking two needle socks here on Ravelry.
  • Love Crafts has several excellent knit flat socks knitting patterns – we love this super chunky pair of two needle flat knit socks. So much fun! This pair of chunky, socks are quick and easy to knit.
  • If you are new to knitting socks, and want to knit them flat on straight needles, you may love this Simple Beginner Two Needle Socks knitting pattern. This is a best selling pattern on Etsy, and the socks only have one seam to sew, making them great for anyone looking to knit socks with no faff.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our list of the best flat knit socks knitting patterns. We hope you have found something you like and that you will soon be on your way to knitting some awesome socks.

Awesome vintage sock knitting pattern for people who knit flat on two needles. This is the first knitting pattern on our list of the best flat knit socks.

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