What can you knit with super chunky yarn?

Super chunky yarn has never been as fashionable or popular as it is now.

Companies like We Are Knitters and Wool and The Gang have attracted thousands of new knitters to the craft, and one of the main reasons for this is their offerings of scrumptious and colourful super chunky yarns. Malabrigo Rasta is yet another super chunky yarn that has taken the knitting world by storm.

Super chunky yarn is great for beginner knitters. As it is so thick and chunky, it works up really fast and you can also see what you are doing easily. Mistakes are easy to spot and correct, and knitting with super chunky yarn is generally just a lot of fun.

Of course, you don’t have to be a beginner knitter to use super chunky yarn. It is the perfect yarn thickness for so many knitting projects – hats, scarves, blankets, and much much more.

Read on to find out more about super chunky yarn and what you can knit with it. You will also find the details for some of our favourite knitting patterns that use super chunky yarn.

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What is the difference between chunky and super chunky yarn?

A yarn starts to fall into the category of ‘chunky’ once the recommended knitting needle size is 6mm (US size 10). When your yarn ball band shows a recommended needle size of 8mm or more, you are in super chunky territory.

So basically, super chunky yarn is two knitting needle sizes chunkier than regular chunky yarn.

A yarn that recommends using 8mm/US 11 needles is classed as a light super chunky yarn. This is not as thick as a standard type of super chunky yarn. A standard super chunky yarn is one that calls for the use of 10mm knitting needles and above.

What needle size do you need to knit super chunky yarn?

You need to use 8mm/US 11 knitting needles for a light super chunky yarn, and 10mm/US 15 or 12mm/US 17 for a standard super chunky yarn.

If you need some fabulous big needles to use with your super chunky yarn projects, this Etsy store is really awesome. This shop also sells a really inexpensive, vegan version of The Wool, including in a wonderful unicorn shade.

What can you knit with super chunky yarn

The best things to knit with super chunky yarn are garments and home wares that should be warm, cosy and chunky. Here is a list of the best things that you can knit with super chunky yarn.

  • Hats. You can knit such warm and cosy hats with super chunky yarn. Hats knit up really quickly when you use big knitting needles and thick wool. You can easily knit a hat from start to finish using super chunky yarn and 10 or 12mm needles. We love this knitting pattern for simple super chunky hat – hats for all the family that you can knit with super chunky yarn.
  • Scarves. Scarves knit in super chunky yarn are so cosy and comforting. They also knit up a a lot faster than one made from thinner wool. One of our favourite ever super chunky scarf knitting patterns is the unicorn scarf from The Velvet Acorn. This knitwear designer has numerous, beautiful knitting pattern designs that you can use to knit with super chunky yarn.
  • Blankets. Blankets are an ideal knitting project to use with super chunky yarn. They also look really awesome in your home, and will be much faster to knit up than non chunky blankets. Check out Lion Brand for some amazing free super chunky blanket knitting patterns that you can download.
  • Sweaters. Super chunky sweaters look truly modern and awesome! Fast to knit, they are perfect for beginner knitters and for anyone looking for a fun and fast garment to knit from super chunky yarn. We adore the Little Big Cosy super chunky kids sweater knitting pattern. This is a best seller, further indicating how popular super chunky yarn has become.
  • Cardigans. Super chunky cardigans are another wardrobe staple that any modern knitter will love to stitch up. If you are looking to knit a cardigan out of super chunky yarn, take a look at The Ketchup Cardigan. It is awesome and looks really easy to knit.
  • Baskets. For a wonderful knitting idea for not only knitting with, but also storing, super chunky yarn, how about stitching up a basket? The Entangle Basket is an example of an amazing and unique looking basket that you can make with super chunky yarn.
  • Baby clothes. You may have thought that baby clothes are not an option for knitting with super chunky yarn. However, anyone familiar with the yarn King Cole Comfort Chunky will know that this is not the case. This is a light super chunky yarn, and it is incredibly soft – an ideal yarn therefore for knitting baby clothes and accessories such as blankets and even toys. This yarn is also fairly inexpensive. For baby hats and clothes that you can knit using a variety super chunky yarn types, Etsy has some brilliant knitting pattern ideas.
  • Tea cosies. If you are looking for a fast knitting project for your home that you can knit with super chunky yarn, a tea cosy is a great option. If you are making a cosy for a small teapot, you can probably whip one up in around half an hour. This super chunky tea cosy knitting pattern comes with a video tutorial, so is ideal for beginner knitter.
  • Headbands. Knitted headbands are a great option when thinking about what you can knit with super chunky yarn. This is really such a fast knitting project, and they look great. Headbands knit with super chunky yarn are also very warm and cosy to wear, and make excellent gifts. You can knit some stunning cable headbands with super chunky yarn. If you are looking for a headband that you knit with super chunky yarn, we would strongly recommend checking out this Etsy store – there are several lovely super chunky headband knitting patterns here.
  • Gloves and mittens. Gloves and mittens are a brilliant idea for knitting with super chunky yarn. Thick, warm, cosy, and fast. For a really easy garment to knit with super chunky yarn, you might like to try some fingerless mittens. This is an ideal beginner knitting project, especially if the mittens have no thumb shaping. You may love this instant download knitting pattern, which contains instructions for some easy super chunky fingerless mittens, as well as other accessories that you can knit with super chunky yarn. For some standard super chunky mittens, we love this knitting pattern – it also contains for a scarf and cool beret that you can knit with super chunky yarn.
  • Cushions. Cushions are one of the best things that you can knit with super chunky yarn. They look quite simply stunning and will add a statement to any room. Love Crafts has some amazing knitting patterns for cushions that you can knit with super chunky yarn, and many of them are completely free of charge!

Thanks for joining us today. We hope this article has given you some useful ideas about things you can knit with super chunky yarn. You may also be interested to read our article The Best Super Chunky Yarns.

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