How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing on a Knitting Blog

This article will tell you the best agencies to join if you would like to try out affiliate marketing on a knitting blog.

Affiliate marketing is a key way of making money from a knitting blog. You can learn about some other ways to make money from blogging in this article

Read on for a summary of how affiliate marketing works.

How bloggers make money from affiliate marketing

When bloggers write their posts, they may recommend products or services within their writing.  I may write now for example that I am able to type out this article really quickly because I am using my new Apple magic keyboard.

You will see that the term ‘Apple magic keyboard’ has been highlighted and is a clickable link.  I did that myself.  I have joined Amazon affiliates and I can enter that account and ask for an affiliate code for an Apple keyboard.  I then attach that code to the words that I want to become a link and now, if anyone clicks on that link and goes on to buy anything, I will receive a commission.

With Amazon, the purchase has to be made within 24 hours of the link being clicked.  For many companies though the time frame can be a lot longer, often 28 days.  The purchase doesn’t have to be the highlighted item, it can be any item from the same website.

How bloggers, and indeed social media influencers, make a lot of money from affiliate marketing is via quantity of affiliate links, and a skilled way of using them.  I am pretty sure that nobody will buy an apple keyboard via the link above.  Affiliate marketing has to be done thoughtfully, via useful and interesting content.  When done correctly, it is a perfectly plausible way to make a good, full time income.

Making money from a knitting blog, like any other, takes time and work. However, it can be done!

How to make money from affiliate marketing on a knitting blog

So, how can you make money from affiliate marketing on a knitting blog?

First of all you obviously need to start a blog.  We have some advice about how to do that here in this article. Once you have set up your blog and started to write some knitting related posts, you need to sign up with some affiliate marketing agencies who have knitting companies in their portfolios.

You will need to firstly be accepted by the affiliate companies and then by the actual knitting company.

Our advice to you would be to start off with one or two agencies until you really get into blogging and affiliate marketing.  That is because you may end up wasting time putting in links from here there and everywhere, and this all takes time.

Agencies also have a minimum pay out, so if your efforts are spread out between too many agencies you could end up just never making any money.

You must be aware that making money from blogging, whether from affiliate marketing marketing or any other way, takes a lot of time and work.  You have to produce consistent, high quality, useful content.  This is because you need people to actually read your blog.  Without readers, your links won’t be clicked on and you won’t generate any commission.

Which are the best agencies to sign up to if you want to make money from affiliate marketing

You need to find affiliate marketing agencies that have companies relevant to your blog in their portfolios.

For a knitting blog, this could include companies from a number of retail areas.

This includes yarn, knitting equipment, knitting books and patterns, knitting related gifts, and perhaps other craft related items that knitters may wish to try out.

Other products that you could promote on a knitting blog might be storage boxes, bags or mannequins.

Think about the target audience of your blog.  What sort of person are they and what might they like or need to buy?

Do they sell their knitting?  Maybe they would consider buying a camera for this purpose?  Do they design knitting patterns?  Maybe there is some software that would be really helpful to them.

You could promote everything from wool to storage boxes on a knitting blog.

You can really use your imagination and tailor your blog posts to recommending relevant products throughout your writing.  

For the purposes of this article, we will now list the affiliate marketing agencies that host the main knitting companies.  Once you have joined the agencies of your choice and have got the hang of affiliate marketing you can think outside the box and look around for more agencies and companies to partner up with.  Some businesses don’t work with agencies but run in house schemes.  Finding them will take some searching of websites but its not an impossible task.

We hope to save you time as you start off though and the following table lists the main knitting related companies who offer an affiliate scheme and states which agency you need to sign up with to access each one.

You can click on the links to get to each agency.

Disclaimer:  This list is correct at the time of writing.  We can not guarantee that any scheme will accept you as a partner.  Some agencies may require a small financial deposit upon sign up.  Adding affiliate links to your blog or social media post does not guarantee that you will make any money.

AmazonMost affiliates start off with the Amazon programme.  You will need to join the scheme for each country that you wish to partner with.  The link on the left will lead you to the USA affiliate scheme.
Amazon sells many knitting related products.
EbayEbay runs its own affiliate scheme and there are many knitting related products that you could promote in your blog.
AwinA massive affiliate company that represents businesses in the UK, USA and Europe and more. You need to sign up here to affiliate with Etsy, Deramores, The Knitting Network, BBC Magazines, Craft Stash, and Not on The High Street.
Share A SaleA USA based affiliate marketing company.  Here you will find Lion Brand, Annies, Knit Picks, Noble Knits, Ewe Ewe Yarn and Knit Crates. 
Commission JunctionAnnies and Yarnspirations are the main knitting companies here. USA based.
Love CraftsThis is an in house affiliate scheme for Love Crafts, a huge worldwide yarn retail company.

There may be more knitting related affiliate schemes that are missing from this list.  However, joining some or all of the agencies in this list is a good place to start if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Please do let us know what you think about this article and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about making money from affiliate marketing on your knitting or craft blog.

Thanks so much for visiting The Knitting Times! 

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