How to make your own hand knitted Valentine’s Day card

Well it is that time of year where we love to show our loved ones how much we care.

Whether it is a partner, husband, wife, or a colleague that you have been worshipping from afar, you may wish to send them a card to brighten up their day.

If you love to knit, why not make your own Valentines Day card?  Not only is a hand knit card unique, it really does come from the heart as you have spent the time and effort to craft it yourself.

Read on to find out how to make this simple hand knit love heart Valentines Day card.

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What you need to make a lovely hand knit love heart Valentines Day card

The first thing you need to make a hand knit card is of course a blank card.  If you live in the UK, you can buy these fairly cheaply at a shop called The Works.  Another great source for buying blank cards for card making is Etsy.  Here is a lovely example of some blank cards that have great reviews, for example.

You then need a small amount of wool or yarn for knitting your heart.  You can use any wool you like.  My card uses a chunky, glittery chenille yarn that I think gives the card a bit of extra pizzaz.  I like the way it looks so plush and fluffy This chunky glitter yarn is available here in our Etsy store.

I have also made these Valentines Day cards using dk yarn.  You can see how this looks by checking out our card toppers knitting pattern.  I added a piece of burlap to back the heart when I used thinner yarn.  You don’t have to do this but I think it added a little bit of an arty extra.

You will need 6mm knitting needles if you decide to make your heart card with chunky wool.  If you use an aran wool, use 5mm needles, and for dk yarn use 4mm, and so on.  As long as you use the correct knitting needles to match your wool, you are good to go.

The last thing you need to make your own knitted Valentines day card is something to stick the love heart onto the card.  I used a glue gun, because this is what I had.  Be careful as glue guns can be messy.  I added a few careful drops of glue onto the card, and then placed the love heart on top when making my knitted Valentines Day card. 

Alternatives to glue guns for card making are sticky dots or general household glue.

You will also need a pair of scissors to make this card and knit the love heart.

Ok, so lets get knitting our love heart to stick onto our lovely hand made Valentines Day card.

Love Heart knitting pattern

NOTE: Kfb = knit into the front and back of the stitch this increasing by one stitch.

With your yarn and needles of choice, cast on 3 stitches, and then follow the instructions below.

  • Kfb, k1, kfb (5)
  • K
  • Cut yarn. Leave this work on needle, sliding it along and ignoring for now.
  • Repeat the above pattern so that you have 2 identical pieces on your needle.
  • K across all 10 stitches, thus joining the 2 pieces together.  Pull on the yarn that you cut to make a better join.  You can hide and tidy this up when you attach the heart to the card.
  • K 5 more rows.
  • K2tog, k6, k2tog (8)
  • K2tog, k4, k2tog (6)
  • K2tog, k2, k2tog (4)
  • K2tog x 2 (2)
  • Cast off and weave in loose ends.

Assembling your Valentines Day card

Now all you have to do is attach the heart to the front of your card.  Shape it a little as you do so. You can leave the card blank, as I have done, or use a stamp to add an easy message.  All I will say if using a stamp to add a greeting to the front of your card though, is do this before adding the heart, incase you make a mistake.

I really like this love themed rubber stamp for card making.

I hope you liked this free knitting pattern for making a Valentines day card.

The heart itself doesn’t just have to be used for cards, of course.  Here are some ideas things you can decorate using a pretty hand knitted love heart.

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Cushions
  • Headbands
  • Bags

Whatever you use your heart for, have fun with this fast and easy knitting project – what a great way to use up your stash!

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