Very Easy Beginner Baby Blanket to Knit

Author: Maz from The Knitting Times

I am a very proud first time grandmother to be hurrah!

Actually, my daughter lives a long way from me so it is joyful, and yet a little bit sad too, as I would love to be the sort of grandmother who is available all the time.

Such is life in modern society, I guess.

Anyway, my now heavily pregnant daughter recently came to visit me, and she declared that she wanted to knit a blanket for her soon to be born newborn baby.

I taught her to knit when she was a little girl, and actually her tension and ability to not drop stitches and so on is absolutely brilliant. However, she can only garter stitch in straight lines, and this is exactly how she wanted to knit her first ever baby blanket.

She rummaged through my absolutely massive yarn selection. As I sell some yarn on Etsy, I guess my stash is probably rather larger than average :).

My daughter chose some double knitting thickness yarn to knit her baby blanket, and together we came up with a very, very easy baby blanket knitting pattern.

I almost called the knitting pattern the ‘third trimester baby blanket knitting pattern’ as that’s where she is is with her pregnancy, and the rate at which the blanket is growing demonstrates that it might take the average beginner knitting approximately three months to knit.

This easy baby blanket knitting pattern is ideal for a beginner knitter, pregnant or not. My daughter says this blanket is the perfect knitting pattern for an expectant mother. It requires just about no thought, and is relaxing and simple enough to take along to appointments, to pass the time when waiting, and calm the knitter down in times of stress.

As you will see from this article, my daughter’s baby blankets not yet completed. It is however progressing beautifully and is sure to be finished before baby comes along. My daughter can’t wait to show it off inside her new pram. As we all know, the joy of using a knit that one has made oneself is such a wonderful feeling.

Please do read on to find out how to knit a very easy baby blanket. Article contains affiliate links.

This is how the blanket looks after the first ball has been used up – so a third of the way along. For a larger blanket, simply cast on more stitches and cast on whenever you feel ready.

Very easy baby blanket knitting pattern

This free baby blanket knitting pattern is possibly one of the easiest knitting projects out there. Not the fastest, admittedly, but really simple and straightforward for any beginner knitting to tackle. Advanced knitters may also enjoy making this easy blanket, for example when needing a break from concentrating on more complicated stitch or colour work, or maybe whilst watching tv.

The blanket is knit in double knitting thickness baby yarn. This is 8 ply, or a thin worsted. It is knit on 5mm straight knitting needles. You could alternatively knit back and forth on a 5mm circular needle.

You can use any baby yarn or wool to knit this easy baby blanket. My daughter chose a self striping yarn. You can see from the pictures how the self striping yarn made the very easy pattern interesting, as watching the colours change by themselves is so much fun.

The particular yarn used for the blanket shown here is by Cygnet Yarns – I sell it here in my Etsy store, however please note it only ships to the UK. Ebay is another option for obtaining this amazing baby yarn which comes in the prettiest colours.

You can use any DK yarn to knit this baby blanket – an aran thickness one would work ok too. You need 300g of yarn to knit the blanket.

Here is the knitting pattern.

On 5mm needles, cast on 110 stitches. Then just knit until your yarn has almost ran out, then cast off. If you feel your blanket is already long enough, simply cast on whenever you are ready. Sew in the loose ends, and voila an amazing baby blanket which is so very easy to knit.

The blanket will fit a pram or baby basket, and is a lovely size for snuggling and nursing.

I hope you enjoyed this free easy baby blanket knitting pattern. It is a lovely project to knit and the blanket itself looks so trendy and colourful, especially if you use self striping yarn.

If you like self striping yarns for baby knitting, you may enjoy my article all about self striping baby wool and yarn.

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