8 Knits to Be A Happy Valentine

8 Knits to Be A Happy Valentine

Written by Monica Kauzeni from Refined Copy

You wake up, draw back the curtains and take a deep breath. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re with the love of your life. Or you’re waiting for him to appear one day at your local coffee shop. But, the number one priority is (as always) your next knitting project. Take a look at these easy and beginner friendly knitting patterns.

  1. Super Chunky Snuggle Socks

Snuggle Up This Valentine’s Day

You’re sitting in front of the TV watching your favourite rom-com and need a pair of socks – warm and snug. These super chunky snuggle socks are perfect for your Valentine’s Day movie or TV marathon. Whether it’s your 100th time watching “Pretty Woman” or basking in “Emily In Paris” – your feet will thank you. These are fast and easy knits with no heel shaping and are knit flat. The socks will hug your feet without needing to worry about any tricky heel issues. Wear these as slipper socks or something comfy for the sofa. Suitable for beginner knitters and they make an ideal gift for yourself.

  • Knitting Needle Size: 10mm or 12mm
  • Yarn Weight: 6 – Super Bulky, Roving 
  1. Love Heart Appliqué

Your solution for leftover yarn.

Need to send heartfelt words to your sweet Valentine? Looking for a personal touch? Send them a beautiful card with a love heart topper or decoration. Perfect for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Even more, you can use this design for weddings or thank you cards. If you’ve ever struggled with appliqué, please don’t worry – the instructions are simple to follow. Take your appliqué to the next level this Valentine’s season. This pattern pack includes three designs – for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and baby showers. 

  • Knitting Needle Size: 4 mm
  • Yarn Weight: 3 – DK, Light Worsted
  1. Cable Imposter Fingerless Mittens

Made from 100% knit and purl stitches!

Ever struggled with cable knit patterns? These cable imposter fingerless mittens opens you up to a new world of cable knitting. This easy pattern consists of knit and purl stitches only. Achieve the cable knit effect with your classic knitting skills. Perfect for beginner to intermediate level. Want to avoid shaping and thumb gussets? The pattern has simple and easy row by row instructions and a quick seam to sew at the end. These mittens look bold, gorgeous and romantic (not to mention warm!)

  • Knitting Needle Size: 10mm
  • Yarn Weight: 6 – Super Bulky, Roving 
  1. Cute Flower

You can buy yourself flowers. Or knit them.

This free and beginner friendly knitting pattern will bring joy this Valentine’s Day. Knit a few for a precious bouquet, add beading for a delicate look or buttons for a rustic theme.   You could even use this knitted flower as an appliqué for a card to your secret Valentine. Flowers make a beautiful and versatile addition to your knitting and crochet designs. You can use this flower knitting pattern over and over again. This is a great pattern to develop skills as a beginner and can be knit in one afternoon or a few evenings. Save on flowers by knitting your own.

  • Knitting Needle Size: 4 mm
  • Yarn Weight: 3 – DK, Light Worsted
  1. Let It Go Hand Warmer Mitts

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or knit a pair of mitts?

These fun little hand warmers are perfect for any little girl who is a Frozen or Elsa fan. This is a free and super-fast knitting project, which will make her feel like a Disney princess in no time.  The chunky yarn makes the design breathable and comfy. There’s enough stretch that little hands can slip them on easy. Add some tinsel, ribbons or even a cute winter-themed button to bring the design to life. Use them as an everyday winter accessory or to complete a fancy dress outfit. You can knit this in a few evenings. It’s time to let it go!

  • Knitting Needle Size: 5.5 mm
  • Yarn Weight: 5 – Chunky, Craft, Rug
  1. Crop Top (Includes Fluffy Fur Version)

Get your daytime festival or evening glamour on!

Are you festival ready? Create a unique and custom-made design to complete your festival experience. With a range of colours, this is a fun knitting project this Valentine’s Day. Never tried a clothing pattern before? This pattern is knit in one piece – so noooo sewing required (phew). It comes with notes on adjustable sizes to make this fashion statement custom sized for you. With beautiful corset back detailing and a bow fastening, this is a head-turner. Remember, the knitting pattern comes with an alternative fluffy fur version. Ready for evening glam too! Pair with your favourite high waisted jeans for an hourglass silhouette or a silk skirt for a chic look.

  • Knitting Needle Size: 5.5 mm
  • Yarn Weight: 5 – Chunky, Craft, Rug
  1. Long Tailed Pixie Hat

Make your statement.

Bold and daring, this I-am-100%-confident long tailed pixie hat is sure to add fun to your outfit. And it keeps your ears warm. Bring your favourite leftover yarns to life. Unleash your creativity with this easy-to-follow pattern. Have you always wanted to live out your elf or fairy dreams in everyday life? Create this fantastic knitting pattern with whatever colours spring to mind. Let your imagination run free. This pixie hat goes perfectly with your feel-good everyday outfits on cold winter days. Keep it in good condition for that fancy dress party coming up too.

  • Knitting Needle Size: 6mm and 8mm
  • Yarn Weight: 5 – Chunky, Craft, Rug
  1. Heart Headband

Moss stitch that makes your heart skip a beat.

This elegant moss stitch design elevates your regular knitted headband. Use chunky yarn to bring out the beautiful texture of your knitting. The pretty heart shaped appliqué decoration is completely optional. Use it to sweeten up your project or other designs in your knitting arsenal. Cosy up this Valentine’s Day with a warm headband. It compliments your winter apparel and brings another dimension to your outfit. Super chunky yarn makes this headband feel even warmer. Showcase the best moss stitch has to offer with this easy-to-follow knitting pattern.

  • Knitting Needle Size: 10mm
  • Yarn Weight: 6 – Super Bulky, Roving

You will definitely be able to create beautiful and striking designs. Wishing you well this Valentine’s Day!

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