Retirement village’s Knitted Soldier which took centre stage on Remembrance Sunday

Hello, today we would like to write about an amazing knitting project which came about to honour Remembrance Sunday. This is a fantastic example of what knitters and knitting groups can achieve – we are in awe of the talent shown in this breathtaking piece of knitting!

Please read on to find out all about the Remembrance Day knitted soldier.

6 foot tall Knitted Solder to honour Remembrance Sunday

A Bristol retirement village knitting group created an incredible 6-foot-tall Knitted Solider to honour Remembrance Sunday.

ExtraCare’s Stoke Gifford Retirement Village’s Knit & Natter group spent three months collectively creating the Knitted Soldier. The soldier is the work of 12 residents ranging in age from 63 to 93 years old. Supporting one another in their group the residents created an inclusive environment for all to enjoy, especially those with a past love for knitting who are now faced with challenges such as blindness, loss of dexterity or memory loss. 

One member of the knitting group, Pam, created a poem to go with the finished project.

Making our knitted statue – a poem by Pam Lower

A full-length soldier was planned

A young soldier brave and true

Made entirely with knitting

As we began the ideas grew

It started with a wooden frame

The basics were looking good

with hat trousers and jacket

(Not fitting as it should)

Then Natasheya suggested a model

Quite surprised with his height

After a few adjustments

Things were fitting just right

There were belts and buckles

Straps and buttons, each person did their bit

Knitted mug and haversack

Bottle, helmet and sewing kit

We are very proud how he looks

Armed now with his rifle

So rewarded him some medals

And adopted him our unknown hero

Activities Coordinator, Natasheya Archer commented: “I’m so impressed with how our residents took on the huge challenge of knitting a full-size statue for Remembrance Sunday, especially so soon after completing the jubilee project. It was touching to hear residents’ stories of their loved ones who fought in WW1 and WW2 recounting memories of what the uniform looked like to make sure our soldier was accurate”.

The soldier follows the group’s Knitted Queen which they created in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and which earned a written response from the Queen before her death. The soldier stood proud for all to see in the ExtraCare retirement village on Remembrance Sunday.

The Knitted Soldier on display at ExtraCare’s Stoke Gifford Retirement Village

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