10 Easy Fair Isle Knitting Patterns For Beginners

If you read our article to help you with Fair Isle knitting, you may be looking for some patterns so that you get started with this wonderful knitting technique.

Here are ten ideas for some patterns that may get you picking up your knitting needles and making some wonderful, colourful projects. 

Some of these lovely Fair Isle knitting patterns are even free of charge.

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  1. Sunrise Cowl

We think this is the perfect knitting pattern for a beginner to the Fair Isle technique.  There is no shaping involved and you can use your leftover super bulky yarn to create this cosy and stylish cowl.

2. Fair Isle Knitted Hat

This is a beautiful hat knitting pattern to get you started on your Fair Isle journey.  A simple, two coloured design, ideal for practising and looks really cute, too.

3. Glamorous Fair Isle Hat

Here we have a free of charge hat from Lion Brand.  A beautiful hat made from sparkly yarn.

4. Knifty Knitter Fair Isle Cap

Another free pattern from Lion brand, this design is fast and easy to knit with super bulky yarn.

5.  Leopard Print Tea Cosy 

This is a quick knitting pattern using chunky yarn.  It contains a simple leopard print inspired chart that you can follow to practice your Fair Isle Knitting skills and you will end up with a really cute and modern looking tea cosy!

6. Nordic Sweater For Babies

This Fair Isle knitting pattern uses colour work around the neck and the rest is worked plain.  Ideal for incorporating some Fair Isle into a larger project when you are a beginner to Fair Isle knitting.

7. Square Snowflake Ornament

This free knitting pattern is an absolute must for knitters new to the Fair Isle Technique.  Designed by Vogue Knitting, these cute Christmas decorations are as stylish as they are simple.  

8. Holiday Stocking

Another free and easy Fair Isle knitting pattern from Vogue, this Christmas stocking will enable you to practice with more than one colour and make simple checked blocks.  A perfect knitting pattern for knitters new to stranded knitting.

9. Faux Fair Isle Knit Scarf 

This faux fair isle scarf is made using fancy yarn that gives the effect of fair isle knitting.

Surely the easiest ever Fair Isle knitting pattern, as it uses clever patterned yarn to give you the full effect without the work!  This is a free knitting pattern.

10. Gimme A Hug Headband

Ok, if the last pattern was easy, this one is something you can knit in your sleep!  A cute bow headband for a sweet little girl, this free knitting pattern is a perfect project for beginner knitters.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of easy fair isle knitting patterns, please do let us know if you make any of them!

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