Knitting Ideas for Mothers Day

It will soon be Mothers Day in the UK. Whilst it is easy to pop to the shop and buy a card and gift, us knitters may well be looking for something unique to make and gift to our mums.

I had a look around for some home made gift ideas and found some beautiful items that any mother would love to receive on Mothers Day.

Please read on to discover some brilliant knitting patterns and crafting ideas to inspire you to make and knit your own Mothers Day cards and gifts.

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Knitting Patterns and Home Made Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

  • It would be wonderful to give your mother a hand knit card for Mothers Day. You can get some inspiration for hand knit cards from this beautiful Etsy store. If you would rather send a ready made hand made card, how about this cute hand crochet elephant mothers day card?
  • How about making mum some flowers? This beautiful knitting pattern contains various designs of flowers to knit. You could use the flowers on a hand made card – simply glue onto blank cards such as these – or make a pretty bouquet as shown in the pattern. In fact, hand knit flowers open up a whole array of hand knit gift possibilities. You could use them to make wreaths, bookmarks, to decorate photo frames or notebooks. The options for using hand knit flowers are endless!
  • Another Mothers Day gift idea for knitters that we love is a bouquet made from pompom flowers. Here is an example of a really cute pompom flower bouquet that would be pretty fast and easy to make. Pompom bouquets are a brilliant idea for using up leftover yarn in your wool stash. Pompoms, like flowers, are really versatile when it comes to making your own cards and gifts. I really love the use of pompoms on gift tags. Here is an example of how pompoms can really give a wow to your gift packaging. You could even just glue some little pompoms onto blank gift tags and attach using matching wool.
  • Hand knit mug hugs would make an awesome Mothers Day gift. Mum would smile every time she had a cup of tea, knowing that her mug hug was lovingly hand made by you. This knitting pattern will help you to knit a really pretty mug hug/mug cosy.
  • Of course, your mum is sure to love anything that you knit her for Mothers Day. Hats, scarves, bookmarks, socks, there are so many amazing and unique gifts that you can create if you are a fan of knitting.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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