The Best Super Chunky Yarns

Whether you are new to knitting or an advanced crafter looking for a fast project, super chunky yarns are fantastic! The yarn basket shown above contains just a tiny fragment of my super chunky yarn collection – I love it!

This article is a fun list of what I consider to be the best super chunky wool and yarn. Now, please note that I haven’t knit with every single super chunky yarn that is on the market . I have therefore included some yarns that are really popular and therefore must be one of the best!

Read on to find out more information about super chunky yarn and see which ones made it to the list of the best!

By the way, if you are looking for ideas for knitting with super chunky yarn, you may enjoy our article full of ideas for knitting with super chunky yarn.

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What makes a yarn super chunky?

A chunky yarn fits into the category of super chunky once it is thick enough to be knit on 8mm needles. Super chunky yarn is just the best!

There are two main types of super chunky yarn – light super chunky and regular super chunky. A light super chunky yarn is one that is knit on 8mm needles, and a regular super chunky yarn works with 10 or 12mm knitting needles.

You can also buy really massive super chunky yarn. This is often used for arm knitting, to create amazing items such as super squishy (and very fast to knit) blankets and throws. Etsy is a brilliant place to buy arm knitting yarn – this store for example.

Personally, I prefer to knit on regular knitting needles and not with my arms, and love regular super chunky yarn that knits on 10mm needles.

Read on to find out my list of the best super chunky yarns and what makes them so yummy.

The best super super chunky yarns

Fun to knit super chunky socks made with The Wool.
  • A super chunky yarn that is very NOW is The Wool by We Are Knitters. This is a really thick, bulky yarn which is often used to knit super trendy, cosy sweaters. The photo above shows some fun, fast to knit socks made from The Wool (you can find the knitting pattern for these super chunky socks here).
  • If you are a fan of The Wool, you may be interested to know that you can purchase a vegan version of their mega popular unicorn colour super chunky yarn. Not being made from an animal fibre, the vegan version is less than half the price of the wool version and whilst I haven’t knit with it, it looks fabulous! You can find this awesome yarn in this specialist super chunky yarn Etsy store.
  • A yarn that really is one of the best super chunky yarns is Malabrigo Rasta. Rasta is a hand dyed yarn which has received cult status due to the individual, trendy look it gives to knitwear. If you haven’t tried knitting it, you really should!
  • For super chunky yarn that is even more individual, I would recommend checking out The Fibre Tree. This shop sells the best ever thick and chunky, handspun textured yarn and wool. The owner of the shop has her own flock of alpaca, and spins and dyes the most stunning wools (not all alpaca). As the store specialises in super chunky wool, it had to be mentioned in the list of the best super chunky yarns.
  • A super chunky yarn which really is one of the best, but isn’t so well known, is Cygnet Seriously Super Chunky Yarn. This is a British yarn which I have knit with multiple times. The yarn is around the same thickness as The Wool, and so knits up really quickly. This is an amazing yarn for large projects such as blankets as it is so inexpensive (less than three pound per ball!). If you love knitting with super chunky yarn, please do bear this one in mind!
  • Another super chunky that made it to the list of the best is James C Brett Flutterby Huggable Super Chunky. This yarn is so soft and pretty easy to knit with. The wool even comes with a free baby blanket knitting pattern on the ball band and each ball of wool contains enough to knit a blanket. I have personally knit with this yarn multiple times and it really is a super super chunky yarn!
This yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. This is a really easy to knit with super chunky yarn which is suitable for knitting hats, scarves, blankets and more. This bulky yarn is an excellent choice for beginner knitters as it is not too fluffy and flows nicely on the needles.

There are many more delicious super chunky yarn brands out there. I hope you have enjoyed this list of some that I consider to be the best, and that you have discovered something new for your awesome knitting projects!

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