Our favourite awesome unicorn knitting patterns

What is not to love about unicorns? They came bang into fashion a few years ago and show no signs of ever being unpopular again.

Whether you knit for children, yourself or your friends, knitted unicorns of all types are a surefire winner and always so much fun.

We were feeling kind of pink and horned (yes!) and had a look around the net for some of the most wonderful unicorn knitting patterns. It was hard to narrow down the amazing choices into a list of the best – so here are some of our favourites for you to puruse.

Please do read on to find out our list of what we consider to be the best and most awesome unicorn knitting patterns!

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Our list of the best unicorn knitting patterns

There really are dozens of amazing unicorn knitting patterns out there, both free and paid for. Our list of the best patterns contains a mixture of project types. You are sure to find something to suit your taste and creative needs.

Please note that where the unicorn knitting patterns are free, you may need to sign up to the website offering the pattern to obtain it. Free knitting patterns are free at the time of writing this article and this may change.

  • The first awesome unicorn knitting pattern on our list is totally free of charge! It is the pattern for a stunning unicorn hat for children. Knit in super chunky yarn, this is a quick to knit unicorn hat that any child would simply love to receive and wear. You can find the free unicorn hat knitting pattern here at We Are Knitters. If you don’t fancy signing up to this website, you can conveniently purchase the same pattern, along with a similar one from Lion Brand, here at Etsy.
  • Our next awesome unicorn knitting pattern is the cutest ever unicorn toy that I ever did see. Created by renowned knitting pattern designer Amana Berry, if you would like to knit a unicorn toy as a special gift, this pattern really is hard to beat. The paid for knitting beautiful unicorn toy pattern is available here on Etsy.
We adore this unicorn toy knitting pattern by Amanda Berry.
  • Would you like to ride on a unicorn? You almost can with this amazing knitting pattern for a unicorn stool cover. A completely free of charge unicorn knitting pattern, don’t be a fool – over your unicorn stool everyone will drool. Yeah! Click here to find the free pattern.
  • If you are a beginner knitter, or perhaps looking for a really fast unicorn themed knitting project to make, you will love this unicorn cup cosy idea. A free knitting pattern, the cup cosy would make an amazing gift for a unicorn fan. Click here to turn your boring drink into delightful unicorn experience.
Really cute unicorn cup cosy knitting pattern.
  • It is not just cups that need to be kept cosy unicorn style. Unicorns make great tea cosies too! We have a unicorn tea cosy knitting pattern for sale in our Etsy store (this what is featured in the main photo of this article) and you may also love this one, a more conventional looking unicorn, designed by the Tea Cosy Folk. Have to say, this one is a lot more unicorn like than ours!
  • If you are looking for something unicorn to wear, the next knitting pattern on our list may be just the thing. It is a wonderful hooded scarf with a superb unicorn mane. Whats more, this knitting pattern is absolutely free of charge. Click here to find it.
  • We found another really cute unicorn toy knitting pattern, free of charge, here at The Knitting Network. This is a fluffy little unicorn which would make the most sweet little gift for any unicorn fan.
  • Are you looking for a wonderful unicorn blanket knitting pattern? Look no further. We adore this unicorn picture blanket which would be a super project for a more advanced knitter. It has a leaf border and the cutest ever unicorn picture in the centre. You can even buy the finished blanket if you don’t feel able to tackle such a large unicorn knitting project.
  • Another beautiful unicorn knitting pattern that had to make our list is this pretty cardigan for a child aged 1 to 7. Full of colour, any child would adore this beautiful garment. I would also strongly recommend checking out this Etsy store if you are looking for stunning looking unicorn sweaters and cardigans to knit. In child and adult sizes, the knitting patterns here have amazing reviews and are modern and fun. There is even a super awesome looking unicorn cushion knitting pattern in this shop.

Thanks for joining us today. We hope you have enjoyed the article and found some amazing unicorn knitting pattern ideas.

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