Ideas for knitting with faux fur yarn

I recently bought a few balls of faux fur yarn and once it arrived I immediately fell in love with it but wasn’t sure what to knit with this lovely, soft, furry yarn.

After a search around the internet, I found several wonderful (and free!) knitting patterns for using faux fur yarn, and gained some great inspiration and ideas for projects using furry and fluffy yarn.

Read on to discover some great ideas and free knitting patterns to help get you started knitting with faux fur yarn.

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So what is faux fur yarn

Faux fur yarn is a yarn that gives the appearance of fur when it is knit up. The yarn comes in a variety of thicknesses and so can be used on both thick and thin knitting needles, for various projects.

The yarn that you can see in the main photo is Sirdar Alpine. This is a super chunky yarn, and it knits up really quickly on 10mm needles. The cheapest place I have found to buy Sirdar Alpine is here at The Knitting Network (UK based). Lion Brand (USA) also do a lovely super bulky faux fur yarn, Go for Faux Thick and Quick, and if you are looking for excellent value, we recommend Fable Fur from Knitpicks (USA).

Faux fur yarn is usually made from polyester and is incredibly soft. As you knit it, you can’t really see any stitch patterns. Faux fur yarn is therefore uncomplicated and ideal for knitting patterns that use only garter or stocking stitch. You can knit whole garments or items with it, or use just a small amount as a cuff, contrast, or why not even knit a faux fur pompom with it!

Ideas for knitting with faux fur yarn

As written above, faux fur yarn lends itself to knitting projects where the whole item is made from fur, or where a trim or extra detail is created with a a furry texture.

I used some of mine to make faux fur trimmed fingerless mittens (free knitting pattern here). I have actually ordered some more of this lovely super chunky yarn as I fancy knitting myself a furry cowl. Updates on that at a later date!

Here are some ideas for knitting with faux fur yarn that may give you some inspiration:

  • Toys are an ideal knitting project to knit with faux fur yarn. Soft and fluffy, you could knit some wonderful teddy bears with this type of furry wool.
  • Faux fur yarn is great for knitting soft and cosy hats, gloves and scarves. You could knit the whole thing out of fur, or add a furry trim.
  • Faux fur bed socks would be amazing, as would a knitted, furry hot water bottle cover.
  • Cushions and blankets knit from faux fur yarn would add style and extreme cosiness to any home and are an ideal knitting project for faux fur yarn.
  • A faux fur headband would look and feel lovely to wear. This would be incredibly easy knitting project, too. You could simply cast on say 8 stitches (if using super chunky yarn) and knit garter stitch until headband fits around head, cast off and sew up the ends. So easy and yet unique and vey, very cosy. Kids would love a fur headband for sure!

For more ideas and inspirations for knitting with faux fur yarn, check out some of the below knitting patterns. They are all free so well worth a look.

A fun pompom knit with faux fur yarn. Because why not!

Free knitting patterns that use faux fur yarn

Here is a list of some of the best free knitting patterns for using faux fur yarn. Please note that you may need to sign up to some of the websites to access the patterns. All knitting patterns are free of charge at the time of writing.

Sleepy Cat is a very cute free knitting pattern for a toy cat made from King Cole Cuddles yarn. This yarn is a short pile fur type yarn which is ideal for knitting toys.

The Sydney Faux Fur Scarf is a free beginner knitting pattern and comes in child and adult sizes. This is a lovely and very simple, cosy scarf to knit.

The Yeti Cowl is another free knitting pattern to keep your neck snuggly and warm. This is a super easy knitting pattern an great fast knitting project idea.

The One Button Waistcoat is a simple knitting pattern with no faffy borders to sew on. It has a very pretty faux fur collar detail.

For a very fast and easy knitting pattern using faux fur yarn, you may like these Furry Welly Toppers. Free pattern courtesy of Erika Knight.

Another free Erika Knight knitting pattern using faux fur yarn is this striking looking Colour Block Fur Scarf. This is a really easy to knit, fashionable looking scarf.

Ravelry has absolutely loads of free knitting patterns for faux fur yarn. You can find everything from hats to cowls and mittens, all featuring furry loveliness. You can find these patterns by clicking here.

Similarly, Yarnspirations has numerous free faux fur yarn knitting patterns. There is a very cute polar bear and some amazing fur slippers. Click here to see what is available for you to get your needles into.

Thanks so much for joining us today at The Knitting Times. We hope you have some new ideas and inspiration for knitting with faux fur yarn.

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