How to decorate your home with knitting

We were recently asked to contribute to a great article about how you can decorate your home with handmade items. This got me thinking about how knitting can really help to transform a house into a home.

The obvious ways to decorate a home with knitting are of course adding afghans, blankets and cushions to a space. This creates instant warmth and cosiness. However, there are many other knitted items that can add style and homeliness to your house or apartment.

Please read on to discover some great ideas for using knitting to decorate your home. And if you would like to read the article that we were asked to contribute to, you can find it by clicking this link.

Ideas for knitting your own home wares

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As already written above, knit blankets, cushions and throws are excellent ways to add stylish and warm knitting to your home. You can stick with white or neutral colours in a minimalist home, or add splashes of bright colour for eye catching style as in our main photo.

If you are a knitter, here are literally hundreds of awesome knitting patterns available for making amazing blankets, throws and cushions for your home. We found some lovely free knitting patterns for blankets here at The Knitting Network.

We love arm knit blankets and bed covers, like the one below. This is a faster than usual way of knitting, using mega chunky yarn. If you would like to give arm knitting a blanket a try, you may enjoy this Youtube video. For those of you who like to knit with finer yarn, you may enjoy checking the awesome Safe Space blanket, which contributes profits to a valuable charity.

Other ideas for knitted items to brighten up your home are tea cosies, mug cosies, bedspreads, hot water bottle covers, scatter rugs, tea towels, baskets, seat covers, pouffes, oven gloves, slippers, plant pot covers, knitted frames, wall decorations and bathroom items such as reusable cotton pads – eco friendly and chic!

Where to buy already knit goods to decorate your home

If you don’t want to knit your own homewares, the best place to buy ready made handmade goods for your home is Etsy. There really is no better place in terms of choice for handmade goods.

This shop (based in Lithuania) has excellent reviews for the giant arm knit blankets which everyone loves. This lovely store also sells the actual wool to make the blanket at really great prices.

For a smaller way to add knitted style to your home, reusable cotton face cleanser pads will help save the environment at the same time as looking fabulous.

Not on The High Street is another brilliant place to buy unique hand made items to decorate your home. This store which can be found on this platform has the most amazing hand knit decor for the nursery. I am a little bit in awe of their Russian doll hand knit blanket!

Hand knit goods can of course be quite expensive. A lot of non knitters don’t realise quite how time consuming knitting is. Wool isn’t cheap either! If you are looking to decorate your home with hand knit or other handmade goods on a budget, try eBay for gently used items. You may even strike lucky on Ebay and find some bargain unwanted knitted gifts. You might also be able to find some bargains via local ads or Facebook selling pages and so on.

Use yarn to decorate your home

A lovely way to add warmth and texture to your home is use actual wool and yarn as a display item. Have some yarn that you love but don’t know what to knit with it? Simply place it in a basket and display it with pride. You can give it a little squish every time you walk past it. The photo below shows this idea in action, and we think its an awesome way to add some knitting themed style to any space!

Thanks so much for joining us today! We hope you have gained some new ideas for decorating your home with hand knitting!

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