Fur trimmed fingerless mittens free knitting pattern

If you are a follower of this blog, you may have noticed a slight fondness for knitting with handspun wool. I love the stuff!

Handspun wool often comes in single skeins or balls, and so it is ideal for using as an accent in knitting projects or for making small garments such as fingerless mittens and gloves.!

I just whipped up this lovely pair using some wool that purchased from an independent wool spinner based in Germany. You can find her pretty Etsy shop by clicking here.

Having found the mittens so much fun to knit, I decided to share the knitting pattern with you. You really don’t have to use handspun yarn – any type of super chunky yarn that knits up on 10mm knitting needles will work fine to make these very easy to knit fingerless hand and wrist warmer gloves.

I used Sirdar Alpine faux fur yarn to knit the fur trim of the mittens. This is a beautiful, wonderfully soft yarn if you can get your hands on it.

Read on to get the free knitting pattern for these lovely and warm fingerless mittens.

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Free fingerless mittens knitting pattern

The knitting pattern for these super chunky fingerless mittens is really easy and suitable for beginners.

You will need approx 30g of faux fur yarn, and approx 50g of a super chunky yarn of your choice. Look for yarns that knit up on 10mm knitting needles.

I knit my mittens on 9mm needles – if you knit tightly 10mm would be better (I am quite a loose knitter so usually go down a size).

Here is the knitting pattern:

With faux fur yarn, cast on 16 stitches. As you cast on and off, leave long tails for sewing up the seam.

Knit 6 rows.

Switch to the main super chunky yarn of your choice.

Starting with knit row, work stocking stitch (knit right side rows, purl wrong side rows) until the entire piece measures 20cm from the cast on edge.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib (K1, p1 across each row). Cast off in 1 x 1 rib.

Sew up the side seam, leaving a hole for your thumb. I always sew up the brim first, and then sew the rest of the mitten up whilst wearing them on my hands. This way you can see exactly where the thumb hole should be and how the finished mittens look on your hands.

And that’s it – a really easy knitting pattern for some fun fingerless mittens.

If you like the look of my mittens and would like to try out some handspun yarn, you may enjoy reading about our favourite handspun yarn makers. I can particularly recommend The Fibre Tree for similar yarn to that which I used to make these fingerless mittens. A very yummy Etsy shop!

Thanks so much for visiting The Knitting Times, hope to see you here again soon!

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