The Best Free Missoni Scarf Inspired Knitting Patterns

Any fan of knitting and knitwear will no doubt have spent some time swooning over the stunning colours and patterns found on the fabrics and scarves of Italian designer, Missoni.

Most famous for colourful, striped zigzags and chevrons, Missoni clothes are timeless and ever fashionable. Missoni scarves are the perfect way to add flair and colour to a plain winter or autumn coat, and they have become a cult, luxury accessory coveted by many.

Missoni scarves and other fashion items are a tad expensive of course, and if you are a knitter you may well be thinking about knitting your own Missoni inspired scarf or other garment.

It is actually pretty easy to knit a zigzag or chevron pattern, and if you knit with self striping yarn then making a Missoni style scarf can be really very simple and a great deal of fun.

We have had a look around the net for some Missoni inspired knitting patterns which are available free of charge. Read on to find our list of the best, and get a fabulous, colourful, chevron project onto your knitting needles!

All patterns are free of the time of writing this article. You may need to sign up to some of the websites to get the free knitting patterns.

Our list of the best free Missoni inspired knitting patterns

  1. The first free Missoni inspired knitting pattern on our list is the ZickZack scarf. This is an amazing looking scarf, and the knitting pattern is pretty simple to follow – just a one row stitch repeat. This scarf really does look like a Missoni scarf. It is knit on small needles with 4 ply/fingering yarn. If this is how you like to knit, then this scarf is the ideal pattern for you. This pattern is available as a free download on the Ravelry website.
  2. Next on our list of free Missoni style knitting patterns is a fabulous looking cowl. Called the Missoni Falls Cowl, the stunning infinity scarf is knit as a tube and then grafted together at the end. The chevron pattern is easy to knit and this free knitting pattern is well worth checking out if you are looking for a fashionable and cosy cowl to make.
  3. We have found an amazing free knitting pattern for a super stylish throw, called the Modern Chevron Throw. It is knit on 5mm needles in aran/worsted yarn, so isn’t such a fine knit as the two previous knitting patterns. This throw would make a real Missoni style statement to your home – it is absolutely stunning. This knitting pattern is available for free on the Lovecrafts website.
  4. How about knitting some Missoni inspired socks? The Chevron Block Socks look amazing and are knit in 4 ply sock yarn. These socks would make a perfect gift for any stylish fashion lover, or why not wrap them up for yourself? This free knitting pattern is available on the Lovecrafts website.
  5. The next free knitting pattern on our Missoni list is the Beginner Chevron Blanket by Bernat. This is a chunky knit blanket which, when knit with self striping yarn, will give you some Missoni zig zags in no time. A brilliant knitting pattern for beginner knitters.
  6. If you are new to chevron knitting and would like a free, quick knitting pattern, how about this cute dishcloth pattern? This would be an ideal way to try out your Missoni style knitting skills before moving onto a much bigger project.
  7. Want to give a special baby a fashionable Missoni style cardigan gift? The Parker is a gorgeous free knitting pattern from Berocco. Featuring stripes and chevrons, this is a stunning piece to knit for any small child.
  8. Our next free Missoni inspired knitting pattern is actually a Fair Isle cowl. This is an altogether different way of working chevrons into your knitting. The Modern Chevron Fair Isle Cowl knitting pattern is available for free from Sirdar.
  9. The Chevron Scarf from Lion Brand is classed as expert knitting level. This lovely free knitting pattern produces a wonderful looking Missoni type scarf in an array of colours, thanks to the use of beautiful self striping yarn.
  10. The Missoni Inspired Scarf had to make our list of free Missoni patterns because, well, it perfectly fits the bill! This stunning chevron patterned scarf is knit on 5mm needles and is nothing short of gorgeous. The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.
  11. We should not neglect our hands when dressing ourselves in Missoni inspired style! Those Zig-Zag Mittens are super stylish and once again the knitting pattern is available for free on Ravelry.
  12. The next free Missoni style knitting pattern on our list is Breaking Waves by Drops Design. This is the pattern for a stunning zigzag patterned skirt. A really unusual piece to knit. The Breaking Waves Top can be made to complete a full Missoni style outfit. Two absolutely beautiful free knitting patterns.
  13. We found a really cute free knitting pattern for Missoni Style Vases, once again on Ravelry. A quick knitting pattern, ideal for adding a whoosh of colour to an empty space in your home.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Missoni inspired free knitting patterns.

The place that contains the most knitting patterns that fit the bill is Ravelry.

You can see the full range of free Missoni style knitting patterns available on Ravelry by clicking here.

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