Ideas For Using Up Scrap Sock Yarn – Plus Free Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

Anyone who likes to knit socks knows how quickly that scrap and leftover sock yarn adds up. A few pairs of lovely hand knit socks, and soon you have a basket full of leftover yarn.

As sock yarn is so beautiful, it is an absolute travesty to waste it.

Read on to find out some ideas for using up your scrap sock yarn, and to get the free knitting pattern for a cute sock yarn egg cosy.

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Sock Yarn

Sock yarn is lovely, because it often comes in stripes and colourways that no other yarns have. You can find Fair Isle effect yarn, rainbow stripes, pretty hand dyed sock yarn…everything you can think of!

Sock yarn is often, but not always, pure wool, which is said to have health benefits for the skin. It is cooling in summer and warm in winter, and ensures that your feet don’t get sweaty.

Sock is often very fine/thin yarn. This means that a little goes a long way. This is great news when you have lots of scrap and leftover yarn – you can make something really lovely from just a small amount.

In fact, scrap yarn is so popular that many shops, including this one, sell it in bundles, ready for you to make some mini crafts, perhaps indeed an egg cosy!

Some beautiful hand painted sock yarn.

Ideas for Using Up Scrap Sock Yarn

Make some scrappy socks!´ Combine all of your leftovers to make a pair of spectacular and colourful socks. Or how about some scrappy Christmas stockings? Socks and stockings made from scraps are bound to be unique, and so much fun to knit!

Make some teeny socks. This free knitting pattern contains instructions for some baby sized socks which could be an ideal way to use up scraps. The pattern is beginner level too so if you have never made socks before, this could be an ideal way to try out a new skill.

Knit a beautiful shawl. Shawls are often knit in 4 ply yarn, the same as socks, and you could make a truly exquisite garment for yourself or to gift to someone special. This lovely e-book is full of ideas for knitting scarves from sock yarn, if you are more of a scarf person that a shawl one.

Knit a unique blanket or afghan. Leftover sock yarn would be perfect for knitting up a stunning blanket, throw or afghan. You may have heard of the Bee Keeper Quilt – this was such a popular design that you can now buy a starter set which includes scraps of yarn for people who don’t knit socks but want to try out the pattern and yarn.

Free Leftover Sock Yarn Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

If you only have a small amount of leftover sock yarn, you may enjoy knitting up some egg cosies with it. This is a fun and fast project, and would make a fun gift, especially at easter time.

I actually a great deal of pleasure when using the colourful rainbow yarn that made this leftover sock yarn egg cosy. It is a pure merino wool yarn, and the emerging self striping pattern and those rainbow colours got me incredibly excited.

Stunning self patterning rainbow yarn – such things can push knitters to the height of excitement.

Thats why sock yarn is so much fun to work with – stripes and patterns just doing what they want, delivering joy and surprises with every row.

I can’t actually remember what this yarn is called. However if you like rainbow yarn/wool this one may make your pulse go faster. I had to sit down for a while after I looked at the photos of it!

Anyway, to make the sock yarn egg cosy you will need a small amount of leftover sock or other 4 ply yarn and a pair of 3.75mm knitting needles.

Then follow this pattern to make a cute little egg cosy:

Cast on 30 stitches.

Work 6 rows of 2 x rib.

Then work in stocking stitch until piece is 7cm from the cast on edge. This makes a long ish egg cosy, I wanted to do this so that there is an option to turn up the brim. For a more regular fitting egg cosy, work the stocking stitch until 6cm. Either way, finish on a wrong side row.

Now work the following decrease rows to complete the sock yarn egg cosy:

  • (k3, k2tog) across row
  • (p2, p2tog) across row
  • (k1, k2tog) across row
  • (p2tog) across row

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches. Pull to gather and form the top, and then sew up the back seam.

Weave in all loose ends.

This pompom was made using a small pompom maker. You could alternatively make a fork pompom.

Pompoms can be sewn on or attached using a hot glue gun.

And that’s it, a cute little sock yarn egg cosy to brighten up breakfast time.

Thanks very much for reading this article about how to use up leftover sock yarn.

I hope you have found some interesting inspiration for using up those scraps!

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