Stashbuster Cowl Knitting Pattern

This cowl is a lovely and fun idea for using up your stash and bits and pieces of leftover yarn that you may lying around in your knitting basket.

As you can see, I made my cowl from self striping and self patterning yarns of every colour imaginable and it was really incredibly enjoyable to knit.

This cowl knitting pattern is a perfect Knitflix knitting pattern as is it knit on circular knitting needles and you just go round and round until you are bored.

You could knit this cowl in plain yarn if you wanted to. Or with one ball of self striping or self patterning yarn. You could even use eyelash yarn for the whole cowl, or for parts of it, to add textural interest.

This really is such a fun idea to use up whatever yarn you have and the resulting cowl is so warm and cosy to wear. A knitting win all the way!

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By the way, if you prefer to knit your own colour work rather than using self patterning yarn, you may be interested in this cowl knitting pattern – it also uses up leftover yarn!

What you need to knit a stash buster cowl

Approx 200g of double knitting/8 ply yarn.

Circular 4mm knitting needles.

Scissors and darning needle for sewing up.

How to knit a stash buster cowl

To knit a cowl like the one in the photo, you will need to cast on 100 stitches.

Make sure that you do not twist your work, and join to knit in the round.

All you have to do then is knit (k stitch) until you feel like changing colour. You then cut the yarn and add in the new one. The loose ends simply sit inside the tube that you are knitting. You don’t have to weave in the colour change ends – yet another massive knitting win!

Use a mixture of plain and self striping yarn. Your yarns don’t have to be the same thickness or brand. I used all manner of yarns. There is even a mixture of pure merino and acrylics in there. I think that the difference all adds to the charm of the finished cowl.

This truly is an awesome knitting project for using up leftover yarn.

I threw in a little bit of freestyle Fair Isle knitting as I was making my cowl. You can see the hearts that I added in using the Fair isle technique. I am going to write out a little chart for this Fair Isle heart pattern and will update as soon as it is here on the website!

You can simple google heart Fair Isle chart though and will find something that you can use, should you wish to do this on your cowl.

Anyway, your final cowl should measure approximately 70cm long. Then simply cast off and sew both ends together and your cowl is ready!


I think this stash buster cowl would look awesome knit narrower and worn doubled over. I would cast on between 50 and 70 stitches and knit as described above until piece measures 160cm. This would give a beautiful looking doubled over cowl.

Thanks so much for visiting The Knitting Times today. I hope you have enjoyed this knitting pattern for a lovely and colourful stash buster cowl.

If you decide to make one, I would love to know how you get on!

Have a great day and happy knitting!

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