How Do You Knitflix and Chill?

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The term ‘knitflix’ has not yet appeared in the Wikipedia and so here is our attempt at a definition:

Knitflix – knitting whilst binge watching streamed series and movies on Netflix.

It is a knitter’s perfect way to chill.

Knitflixing has grown massively since we all started living the nightmare that is the Corona Pandemic.  We have all been forced to spend many more hours at home than previously accustomed to. This has resulted in a great many newcomers to the wonderful world of knitting and indeed knitflixing.

These super chunky socks with no heel shaping are a great Knitflix knitting project idea and would be cosy to wear for all of your future knitting projects.

There are forums and social media discussions dedicated to the sharing of knitflix and chill projects, as well as Pinterest boards and an Instagram hashtag.

Some knitters like to knitflix long yet simple projects such as scarves.  This leaves you free to concentrate on the tv screen rather than what you are knitting.

The Knitflix and Chill Scarf is designed purely for this purpose.  This beautiful knitting pattern is described as a relaxing, simple knit that is perfect for mindlessly working on while bingeing on your favourite Netflix shows.

Other crafters prefer to knit short projects which can be finished in the same time as the movie they have decided to watch that evening.

How about some chess board fingerless gloves to make whilst binge watching The Queens Gambit?

There is even some Knitflix and Chill merchandise that any knitter would love to receive as a gift.  We love these cute stitch markers on Etsy and this tote bag on We Are Knitters.

At the time of writing I personally am drooling non stop over Ragnar Lodbrok and may need to knit some of these fun viking knitting patterns.

How do you knitflix and chill?

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