Cute flower free knitting pattern

I have been through a phase of headband knitting, and decided that a couple of them would look really cool with a knitted flower on.

After messing around a little, you can see that I ended up with a bit of a boho looking, small and cute flower. It was really fast and easy to knit and I think its quite cute.

Below you can see a flower I knitted earlier decorating one of my new headband designs.

Anyway, I think this easy to knit small knitted flower looks really cute, especially with a few beads sewn in the centre. You could use a button or glue on gem as an alternative flower centre. A little pompom could work well too.

Anyway, here follows the free knitting pattern for this easy to knit flower which is knit in one piece.

Small flower appliqué free knitting pattern

This small flower is really cute and can be used for decorating so many of your knitted items.

To knit the flower, you need a small amount of DK yarn and a pair of 4mm needles.

With 4mm needles, cast on 50 stitches.

K 1 row.

Now work the following across the row:

(K1, cast off 6).  You need to make sure that the k1 stitch is left on the needle and not cast off.  The photo below shows how your work should look.

You will be left with 8 stitches on your needle.  Cut yarn, leaving a length of around 15cm.  Thread this, via a sewing up needle, through the 8 stitches.  Pull them to gather.  You now need to shape your flower, using the loops to make petal shapes.  This involves a little creativity and manipulation, and doubling over of the loops and petals.

Use the yarn ends to secure and sew into place.  Tidy loose ends.

Decorate the centre with a button or some beads.

You could use this knitted flower to decorate accessories, clothing or even as an appliqué for card making or scrapbooking.

I hope you enjoyed this knitting pattern thanks very much for visiting The Knitting Times today.

By the way, the yarn used for the flowers in this article were knit from amazingly delicious self striping Boho Spirt yarn.

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