Best Beginner Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Knitting blankets is one of the reasons that many people take up this fantastic, wooly hobby.

After all, what could be more wonderful than a new baby wrapped up in a lovingly hand knit blanket?

Hand knit blankets make the most amazing gifts and it is also extremely rewarding to make them for your own baby.

Today we bring you a list of some of the best, easy knitting patterns for baby blankets. The knitting patterns on our list are easy to knit and perfect for beginner knitters, as well as for more advanced crafters who fancy an uncomplicated baby blanket to knit.

Read on to discover what made our list of the best beginner, easy baby blanket knitting patterns.

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Why baby blankets are a perfect project for beginner level knitters

Blankets a wonderful knitting project for beginner knitters because they are usually a simple rectangle shape. This means that there is no shaping – nice and easy for anybody who is new to knitting.

Of course, there are more complicated baby blanket knitting patterns. You may have seen the stunning leaf type blankets (for example this vintage leaf baby blanket design). These are often created by knitting squares with a lace pattern and these are then joined up at the end. Not to say that beginners can’t tackle leaf or round shaped baby blanket knitting patterns – it is just that rectangle or square ones are doubtlessly easier to knit.

Baby blankets are always also in demand. If you ever think about selling your knitting, new parents and carers will always need blankets and hand made knits for babies have never gone out of fashion. Baby on the way? Knit them a blanket. You can even knit up little car seat blankets for babies. This would be a really fast knitting project and very, very useful. We love this collection of 7 car seat baby blanket knitting patterns.

Anyway, without further ado, here is our list of the best easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginner knitters.

The best easy baby blanket knitting patterns for new knitters

  • A really great way to cut your teeth with baby blanket knitting is to buy a wool which has been specifically created for this purpose. James C Brett Huggable Super Chunky is a British yarn that is super chunky thickness and comes with three free baby blanket knitting patterns on the ball band! One ball of this amazingly soft yarn will knit up a nice, fast, easy baby blanket. There is a similar yarn freely available in the USA called Bernat Blanket Big (on sale here at time of writing) – I believe this is even chunkier than the Huggable and may be more suitable for throws than baby blankets.
  • If knitting fast baby blankets with super chunky yarn is your cup of tea, you may love this easy knitting pattern. It is lovely because it isn’t just a rectangle, so while being simple and suitable for a beginner to knit, the finished blanket is very unusual and stylish looking. This is a paid for pattern from Etsy.
  • We also found this lovely beginner level super chunky baby blanket knitting pattern on Lovecrafts. This looks like a really fun to knit blanket which would be very snuggly and soft.
  • The Soften His World baby blanket is another free project from the above website. This is a not quite so chunky blanket to knit. This means that will take a little longer to knit than a super chunky blanket, but is still nevertheless a lovely, easy, pretty quick to knit baby blanket suitable for beginner knitters.
  • If you are a beginner knitter and would like to tackle a lace blanket, we have found the perfect free knitting pattern for you. Called Janice’s Easiest Ever Lacy Blanket, the pattern is one of many amazing designs on the Ravelry website. If you have never been on Ravelry, you really should join up and search through their database of free and paid for patterns. You will find tons of baby blanket knitting patterns on there – both easy ones for beginners and more intricate designs for advanced knitters.
  • The Super Easy Baby Blanket from Purl Soho is ideal for anyone looking for an easy to knit, beginner level baby blanket knitting pattern. Worked only in garter stitch, this would be a fabulous watching tv type of knitting project and the simplicity of the stitch gives it a timeless, yet modern look. This baby blanket would look awesome in any nursery and you could go for colourful or plain neutrals to knit it. Lovely.
  • This awesome Stripe Knitting Kit deserves a mention in our list of easy, beginner level baby blanket knitting patterns. It has great reviews and would be a perfect purchase for anyone looking to receive a pattern as well as yarn to knit a fabulous looking, easy baby (or grown up!) blanket.
  • Please do check out this Easy Baby Blanket knitting pattern if you are a beginner looking to knit a beautiful but easy baby blanket. This pattern is from a designer called Daisy Gray Knits, and if you check our her instant download knitting pattern store you will actually find some of the nicest baby blanket knitting patterns around. Many of these knitting patterns are really easy and the perfect place or any beginner knitter to visit to find the perfect first baby blanket to knit.

Thanks so much for joining us at the Knitting Time study. We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best beginner baby blanket knitting patterns. We do hope you have found the perfect, easy, or more complicated pattern to sink your needles into!

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