The Best Sunflower Knitting Patterns

As summer approaches, we aren’t always in the mood for knitting large, heavy items such as sweaters and blankets, and many of us pack away our needles and wait for the chill to set in once again.

However, why not knit up some pretty flowers? Whether using traditional summer yarns such as cotton, or busting our stash, knitted flowers are a perfect item to make in the warmer months.

In particular, sunflowers make an amazing summer knitting project. Large, beautiful petals, and an easy to construct textured middle, you can use knitted sunflowers to decorate your home, or as an appliqué for greetings cards, hair crafts and much more.

Of course, with the horrific war taking place, sunflowers are a symbol of both hope and solidarity. Maybe you have met some refugees and would like to knit them a sunflower to show your support? You could alternatively place your flower on your windowsill or upon a shelf, as a reminder that we must never forget those affected by the horror of war.

We have had a look around the internet for some of the best sunflower knitting patterns, and you can simply click on the links to view them. Most of the sunflower knitting patterns in the list are free of charge, and we hope that you find some lovely crafting ideas within this article.

Please note that The Knitting Times uses affiliate links.

Our list of the best sunflower knitting patterns

  • The first sunflower knitting pattern on our list of the best is by the renowned designer Amanda Berry. The sunflower is 7cm in diameter and is knit in DK yarn. You can find this free of charge downloadable knitting pattern here on the Lovecrafts website.
  • Also free of charge on the above website is this stunning sunflower headband knitting pattern. This was designed specifically out of sympathy for the people of Ukraine, and is a really beautiful idea for wearable sunflower garments.
  • If you look on the Ravelry website, you will be spoilt for choice for sunflower knitting patterns. There is everything here from pincushions to cowls to hats for dogs. Many of the patterns are free of charge and you will find designs for knitters of all abilities. Click here to see the awesome selection of sunflower knitting patterns available on Ravelry.
  • If you are a knitter who prefers to purchase printed out, paper copies of knitting patterns, this selection of flower knitting patterns on Etsy may be of interest to you. You can choose from sunflowers, cactus and daffodil flowers, and have the instructions delivered straight to your door. A lovely selection of patterns for any floral fan.
  • We found a gorgeous knitting pattern for a lightweight sunflower beanie hat here on Lovecrafts. The sunflower design is really lovely and would be perfect for wearing on cooler summer days. Knit in the Ukraine colours of blue and yellow, this is a really pretty knitting pattern which will not only be greatly admired, but also show the world your solidarity.

By the way – looking for the ultimate sunflower coloured yarn? We love this one by Hayfield – this dk thickness yarn is even called Sunflower and we think it is perfect for many of the knitting projects in the above list.

Thanks so much for joining us today. We do hope you enjoyed our list of the best sunflower knitting patterns. Please do let us know if you make any of them!

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