St Patrick’s Day Fun – Get Crafty!

There comes a time in many of our lives when the call of crafting becomes very strong. When we put down our green pints and pick up our green paints, St. Patrick’s Day suddenly gets very glittery! If this sounds like your idea of a good time, read on for ways to celebrate the holiday with crafts and art you can easily make at home and enjoy for seasons to come.

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Start simple

Start with a mantlepiece craft for a quick, festive update. This simple canvas craft can be made for less than $10 in under an hour. If you’re a regular crafter, buy canvas in bulk packs to save a few dollars. Many of the materials for this project will already be in a crafter’s set of tools. You’ll need green paint, a sharpie, faux gold leaf and gold leaf glue. The result is an understated, classy decoration perfect for a seasonal focal point. 

For a sweet craft to do with the kids, try a magic St. Pat’s vase. With spring around the corner, it’s wonderful to have a festive vessel for the first flower buds of the season. This activity does require drying time for multiple layers. It’s a good idea to have something else to do between layers. You may even want to spread the project over a few days. Since you’re working with spray paint, you should also choose a well-aerated room (or paint outside). The supplies you need should be easy to find at a craft store, or even a hardware store.

Group crafting

Hosting a craft party is a great girls’ night in. The hostess purchases bulk supplies so that each guest can make the same craft (it’s up to the hostess if she’d like to be reimbursed). When guests arrive, it’s great to have themed snacks and wine while they mingle. Once the party is entirely assembled, the hostess should provide simple instructions and show a completed project. 

This springy St. Patrick’s Day wreath is a perfect project for this type of party. It is easy to make, and won’t take long to complete, so guests can gossip and sip wine while they work. For the sake of time (and your guest’s wardrobes), think about purchasing colored clothespins, rather than spray painting them at the party. The best part of this event is that each guest goes home with their handiwork to display! 

Another “girls night” or family-friendly party idea is a cookie bake and exchange. Ask guests to bring ingredients for their favorite St. Paddy’s Day cookie or bar. Guests should also bring copies of the recipe to share. Friends can work side by side or enlist help from one another as they combine ingredients and take turns baking the treat they brought. 

Snack on corned beef sandwiches or green dip while the baked goods cool. Throw out some green fruit skewers as well—after all, something has to balance out the cookie dough you’ll inevitably snack on! The hostess should provide paper plates (preferably festive ones) for guests to take samples of each treat home.

Get green

For a subtler holiday project, a terrarium is a sweet way to create a little St. Pat’s “green.” There are hundreds of ways to personalize a terrarium creation. Start with a container to showcase your succulents. Some glass vessels are simple bowls, while others are artfully made. Choose plants and moss that reflect your unique style. Once you’ve chosen and arranged your favorite plants, try adding St. Patrick’s Day decorative nods. You can find plenty of unique options on the craft website, Etsy. These trendy projects can get costly, but try a local florist supplier for bulk deals.

You may find that you have a personal flair for your crafting. If so, think about creating an Etsy shop online for your new business. Use a free business logo creator to give your new store an official look, then post your wares and prepare for new orders.

Crafting in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is a fun way to enjoy the holiday for all of you makers out there. If you are looking for a way to celebrate that is as inclusive as it is fun, craft your way to a memorable St. Patrick’s Day.

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We hope you enjoyed it!

Featured photo: Pixabay.

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