Our Favourite Handspun Yarn Makers

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Here at The Knitting Times, we love handspun art yarn.  The thick and thin textures, the unique colours, the whole artistic, creativity that is there even before you start to knit – handspun yarn is magical.

The best place to buy hand spun and art yarn is Etsy, the ultimate market place for everything hand made and vintage.

We have compiled a list of our absolute favourite shops, and you can visit them by clicking on the links below.

The Fibre Tree

The Fibre Tree is a farm shop with its own alpacas!  The handspun yarn is top quality and the seller is extremely friendly and helpful.

You can buy all sorts of hand dyed and art yarn from this Etsy store, from super chunky coils to one of a kind hand dyed sock yarn.

This newborn baby hat is made from yarn from The Fibre Tree.  You can find this newborn knitting pattern and many more like it in this knitting pattern e-book. So cute!

The Fibre Tree is UK based.

Spinning Wheel Studio

Based in the USA, Spinning Wheel Studio produces the most stunning, squishy handspun yarn.  We love the bright and muted colours and the gorgeous thick and thin textures.

We adore their Waste Not Want Not scrap yarn scarf knitting pattern and are already saving our odds and ends of handspun yarn so that we can make one!


This handspun yarn store sells thick and thin yarn, sparkly yarn, and even yarn with chickens woven into it.

We have happily bought some yarn from this Germany based Etsy shop and used a little bit of it to knit this pretty pocket.  It really brightened up a plain cardigan.

Hand knit pocket using handspun yarn. Plain yarn was used either side in the pocket panel, highlighting the beauty of the art yarn.

The yarn itself was absolutely stunning, full of beads and ribbons.


Handspun Yarn with a forest inspiration, you will also find the most stunning ready knit hoods in this store.

This yarn spinner is based in Germany.

The Fine Lime

We love the colours and textures of the beautiful handspun art yarn in this store.

One of the most beautiful USA based wool spinners that we have found so far.

All The Pretty Fibers

We at The Knitting Times are drooling over the handspun yarn in this store.  Based in Germany, this hand spun yarn is full of colour and texture and there are so many different thicknesses.  The creative knitting, crochet and weaving possibilities using this stunning art yarn are endless

You can find more of our favourite Etsy lists by clicking here.

Thanks so much for visiting our website today.  We hope that we have helped you to discover some beautiful hand spun yarn to help get your creative knitting juices flowing even more than usual!

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