Baby Koala Bear Pompom Hat Knitting Pattern

Today we bring you a free knitting pattern for a baby koala bear pompom hat.

The little knit hat is in first baby size and would make a really cute gift.

You can knit the hat in any chunky yarn that works with 6mm needles.

Chunky yarns for babies are widely available these days, and by using a baby yarn you can be assured of its suitability for making hats such as this one.

Read on to find out more about chunky baby yarns and to get the cute free knitting pattern.

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Yarn for your baby koala pompom hat

As written above, you can use any chunky yarn to knit the baby koala pompom hat.

Actually the hat in the photo was knit with We Are Knitters The Petite Wool.

If giving the hat as a gift, it is probably better to use a yarn which has been created specifically for baby garments. Such yarns are usually more easy care than say pure wool, and are often softer and more hard wearing.

One lovely chunky baby yarn is Hayfield Blossom Chunky. If you click here you can find out more about the yarn and download some beautiful free baby knitting patterns.

There are plenty of other chunky baby yarns too. King Cole Comfort Chunky knits on 7mm needles and is super soft and wonderful to knit with. There are also many other options out there. For the koala bear hat knitting pattern, look for yarns that knit up on 6mm needles. You could even use 2 strands of dk yarn held together, this would work fine.

Baby Koala Bear Pompom Hat Knitting Pattern

Materials Required

  • 1 pair of 6mm needles
  • 1 pair 5.5mm needles
  • 50g of chunky yarn.
  • Small amount of aran or chunky yarn in black for eyes and nose.
  • Scissors and needle for sewing up
  • Pompom maker or cardboard piece

Knitting Pattern

On 5.5mm needles, cast on 40 stitches.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib (k1, p1 across each row).

Switch to to 6mm needles.

Work stocking stitch (k 1 row, p 1 row) until piece measures 12cm from cast on edge.

Work the following decrease rows:

  1. *K3,k2tog* to end of row
  2. P
  3. *K2,k2tog* to end of row
  4. P
  5. *K2tog* to end of row

Cut yarn, leaving a long enough tail to sew up back seam, thread through remaining stitches and pull to draw together. Sew up back seam.


Use black yarn and 5.5mm needles.
Cast on 5 stitches and work the following: K 8 rows

K2tog, k1, k2tog
Cast off.
Sew onto hat using cast off and on yarn ends. Weave in ends.

Using the same yarn, embroider two lines for eyes. You could alternative embroider on French knots for the koala eyes.

Make and attach two pompoms for the ears.

And voilà! A cute little baby koala bear pompom hat. Fast, easy, and so sweet!

I hope you have enjoyed this free knitting pattern.

Please check back soon for more free baby patterns!

9 thoughts on “Baby Koala Bear Pompom Hat Knitting Pattern

      1. Aww how cute! My daughter is 23 and wants me to knit her a koala hat so I’m just going to knit a slightly larger nose and stick it onto a plain beanie hat – will use a thicker yarn and slightly bigger needles.


  1. I love the hat, however I’m confused, the materials listed say “chunky yarn” which would be a #5 where I am but the petite wool is a super bulky yarn which is a #6 weight, same with the king cole comfort chunky? I have an awesome errant skein of velvet yarn, that I think would be suitable on that size needles, I’m going to give it a go.


    1. Hi! Yes petite wool is classed as super bulky, I personally find it very thin though and only knit it with an 8mm for items like scarves. The king cole comfort is bulkier than petite wool – I would use 7 or 8mm needles with that yarn and cast on fewer stitches for a newborn hat. But for hats I treat the petite wool as chunky (rightly or wrongly)… velvet yarn sounds amazing!


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