Super Fast Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

This free knitting pattern will help you to make a super fast hat for a new baby.

An ideal knitting project if you need a new baby gift knitted up in a hurry!

The size of this hat is around 0-4 months. It has a stretchy rib and generous height so that it will get plenty of wear.

The hat is knit in super chunky yarn and you make it in your lunch break!

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How to knit a fast baby hat

The fastest way to knit a baby hat, in fact any hat, is to use super bulky yarn and large needles.

This cute baby beanie pompom hat is knit on 9 and 10mm knitting needles (13 and 15 US sizes).

If you are a fast knitter this little hat can be completed in half an hour. It is such a fun little knitting project and if given as a gift it is sure to be well appreciated.

By the way if you love knitting hats, or indeed headbands, blankets or anything else, with super chunky yarn, please take a look at this lovely Etsy shop – it has the most amazing and low priced super chunky yarns. They even stock a really inexpensive, vegan version of the ever popular unicorn The Wool by We Are Knitters.

Knitting pattern for a super fast to knit new baby hat


  • Pair each of 9 and 10mm knitting needles.
  • 50g of super chunky yarn. Try to use a soft yarn, such an an acrylic yarn. this will be softer against baby’s skin and will also be easier to wash and keep clean than something like pure wool. The yarn used for the hat in the photo is Stylecraft Super XL.
  • Faux fur pompom or extra yarn to make a yarn pompom.


On 9mm needles cast on 25 stitches.

Work 6 rows of rib as follows (work 4 rows of rib for a hat with a bit less height – this would be better ion your hat is for a newborn baby);

Row 1: (k1, p1) across row

Row 2: (p1, k1) across row

Switch to 10mm needles and work 8 rows of stocking stitch as follows:

Row 1: k

Row 2: p

Now work the following 4 decrease rows:

Row 1: (k3, k2tog across row)

Row 2: p

Row 3: (k2, k2tog) across row

Row 4: (p1, p2tog) across row

Cut yarn, leaving a long enough yarn tail to sew up back seam.  Thread through remaining stitches and pull to gather the top of the hat. Sew up back seam and sew in all loose ends. Attach a pompom if wanted.

And that’s it! A wonderful, simple, extremely warm and snuggly baby hat to keep or gift.

By the way I love to make home made gift tags and cards using using blank tags and wooden stamps – couldn’t resist popping one on these photos.

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