Art Yarn Cowl Knitting Pattern

May we present a wonderful new free knitting pattern for you.

The art yarn cowl is an amazingly fun knitting project. Knit on 12mm knitting needles, the super bulky cowl knits up really speedily and is a really creative looking piece.

You don’t have to use art yarn, of course. Two regular super bulky yarns can be used to make this scrummy neck warmer.

I do love handspun art yarn. It makes a standard piece of knitting look so special and adds a really unique, boho look. If you have never used it before, this knitting pattern may be a first step into the world of art yarn.

About the art yarn cowl

Art yarn is often bought in a quantity that is too less to make a full item itself (well this is at least the case for super bulky thickness yarns). The yarn is therefore really well suited for use as an accent to garments. For example, art yarn cuffs on a pullover would look superb. Or perhaps a hood on an otherwise plain sweater would be an excellent use of handspun yarn.

The lovely thick and thin, highly textured handspun art yarn that was used as an accent on this cowl.

This cowl makes use of the art yarn as a contrast in this striking looking, striped cowl. I think it looks lovely and really very boho and unique.

The cowl is very soft and drapey and is going to look stylish both with a denim jacket and a thick winter coat.

The cowl is knit flat and then seamed at the end. It is a really fast, easy knitting pattern, and suitable for beginners or for anyone looking for a small project to either wear themselves or to gift.

Art Yarn Cowl Knitting Pattern

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A boho cowl, made all the more unique when knit up with art yarn.

The design can alternatively be knit with plain yarn.  The bands of garter stitch ensure a textured effect whatever you decide to knit with.


  • Pair each of 10 and 12mm knitting needles.
  • 100g of main colour super bulky yarn plus 50g of art yarn (or plain super bulky yarn in a contrast colour). The yarns used for the cowl in the photo were Sophia by Lang Yarns (the bouclé type dark brown alpaca blend wool) and some delicious hand spun art yarn. This was purchased from this Etsy store, which is based in Germany.

If you live in the USA, I can strongly recommend this handspun yarn store, and for the UK please do check out this shop. I have bought from all three of these wool spinners and have been nothing short of delighted.

As already written, you don’t have to use handspun yarn – any super bulky yarn will work fine, textured or plain.

This art yarn contained felt flowers so there was no need to add any appliqués to the finished cowl.

Instructions to knit the art yarn cowl

On 10mm needles and main colour, cast on 46 stitches.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib.

Switch to 12mm needles and contrast colour.  Do not cut main yarn, both colours will be carried up the work as you knit.  Ensure that the yarn is carried loosely up the work – do not pull it tight.

Work pattern as follows:

Stocking stitch 2 rows of contrast yarn

Garter stitch 4 rows of main yarn.

Work in this way until piece measures 22cm from cast on edge.  End with the main yarn, on a wrong side.

Now, using the contrast yarn, work the following decrease row;

(K2tog x 3), k to last 6 stitches, (k2tog x 3).  There will be 40 stitches remaining on knitting needle.

P 1 row.

Switch to main yarn and 10mm needles.  You can now cut the contrast yarn.

Work 4 rows 1 x 1 rib.  Cast off using the 12mm needle.  Cut the yarn, leaving a long enough yarn tail to sew up the seam, and secure.

To finish 

Sew up the back seam and sew in the loose ends.

And that’s it, your very own lovely super bulky cowl, with or without art yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this free art yarn cowl knitting pattern.

Hope to see again soon at The Knitting Times!

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