Easy Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless knits are a super fun garment to knit, and extremely practical to wear.

They keep your hands snug while leaving your fingers free to type, text or pay your bus fare.

This pair of fingerless mitts is a really fast knitting project as it uses light super chunky yarn. The design is Fair Isle – worked in a really simple and easy way. This could be an ideal knitting project for knitters new to the Fair Isle technique.

The mittens are knit flat and then seamed, leaving a hole for the thumb. You can therefore practice your Fair Isle technique without worrying about any sort of shaping. Perfect!

Please read on to find out which yarns were used to make these mitts and to get the free knitting pattern.

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About light super bulky yarn

The yarn used to make this pair of fingerless mitts is classed as a ‘light’ super bulky (super chunky). This sort of yarn is thicker than a regular chunky but not super thick like a standard super bulky weight wool.

Such yarns are usually worked on 8mm needles (US size 11). This is the size needle that you will need to knit today’s free knitting pattern.

The fingerless mitts shown in the photo were knit with one plain yarn and one self striping yarn. Using a self striping yarn in Fair Isle will give an extra colour work dimension to your knitting. It makes the design look much more complex and colourful than when simply using two plain yarns together.

When knitting a larger garment such as a scarf, using self striping yarn within a Fair Isle or mosaic pattern can look absolutely awesome – really eye catching. On a smaller garment such as these fingerless mitts, the effect is really cute, and a simple pattern is transformed into something far more unusual and unique.

The plain yarn used to make the mitts in the photo is called Husky by GGH yarns. This is almost identical to Rico Super Super Chunky, which is more widely available and is one of the softest and yummiest ever super chunky yarns to knit with.

The self striping yarn shown in the photo is Rico Smiles. This is absolutely stunning yarn to knit with, well worth trying out if you can get your hands on some.

The self striping yarn creates different coloured blocks, adding extra interest to a Fair Isle knitting design.

Ok, so that was the yarn information regarding these cute hand warmer mitts. Please continue to get the free knitting pattern.

Easy Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts Knitting Pattern

Materials Required

1 pair of 8mm needles

Approx 50g each of super chunky yarn in plain and self striping yarn.  You could alternatively use 2 plain coloured yarns.

Scissors and needle for sewing up

Yarn Used in Photo

Husky by GGH Yarn and Rico Creative Smile

Abbreviations and Terminology 

K – knit

P – purl

2×2 rib – (k2,p2) across row

Ws – wrong side

End with a ws row – the last row worked should be a wrong side one – the next row to be worked will be a right side row.

Tension Gauge 

Over 2cm in double moss stitch on 6mm needles – 2 stitches and 2rows

Finished Measurements

Width approx 9cm and length 18cm.

Knitting Pattern

With 8mm needles and main yarn, cast on 20 stitches.

Work 2×2 rib for 4 rows.

Add in contrast yarn.  You will now work with both colours, following a simple fair isle pattern. Ensure that yarn is correctly twisted at the back as with usual colour work to avoid holes.

Work the following 4 row pattern a total of 3 times.

  1. (K2 main, K2 contrast) across row
  2. (P2 contrast, P2 main) across row
  3. (K2 contrast, K2 main) across row
  4. (P2 main, P2 contrast) across row

In contrast colour, k 4 rows.

Cast off in k.

Sew up side seam, leaving hole for thumb if wanted (not leaving a hole will create a pair of lovely wrist warmers).

Make 2 hand warmers, ensuring that thumb holes are positioned correctly for both left and right hand.

Tip: Sew up bottom and top most parts of seams and then sew up the rest with the mitten on your hand.  You can then see exactly where thumb holes need to be.

The finished mitt.

Thanks so much for visiting The Knitting Times today. You may be interested in our article Ten Easy Fair Isle Knitting Patterns.

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