Super Chunky Spiral Hat Knitting Pattern

If you like to knit hats and are looking for a fast and fun new knitting pattern, this spiral pattern beanie hat may be just what you are looking for!

This is a really cute looking beanie hat, and the spiral pattern design elevates it from plain into stylish and textured.

This spiral beanie is knit in super bulky yarn, making it a fast and satisfying project for anyone who is the mood for a speedy and fun knit.

Read on to find out more about how to knit a spiral pattern hat, and to get the free knitting pattern for this wonderful, snuggly pompom beanie hat.

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How to knit a spiral hat

Spiral hats are knit in the round. There is an odd number of stitches cast on, and this pushes an otherwise even knitting stitch pattern out of line by one. This out of line pattern creates a spiral as you work up the hat.

Knitting a spiral pattern is really easy, and if you aren’t used to knitting hats in the round (we have an article to help you here) this knitting pattern is ideal for you.

Super Chunky Spiral Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern.

This hat is to snuggly fit an average adult head.  If you would like a baggier/wider fitting hat, or if you knit tightly, please use a needle size one up (so 10mm for the ribbing and 12mm for the main part of the hat).

Materials Required to knit the spiral beanie hat

1 pair each of 8mm and 10mm circular knitting needles (40cm long).

Approx 100g Super Chunky Yarn (yarn used in photo is Wool Addicts Fire by Lang Yarns). Something like Lion Brand Thick and Quick or We Are Knitters The Wool would work great for this hat.

Scissors and needle for sewing up.

Abbreviations and Terminology 

K – knit

P – purl

K2tog – knit 2 together

Tension Gauge 

Over 2cm in pattern on 10mm needles – 2 stitches and 2 rows.

Finished Measurements

Width 22cm and height 22cm.

Knitting Pattern

With 8mm needles, cast on 41 stitches.

Use cast on yarn tail as round end marker.

Work 6 rounds of garter stitch (k1 row, p 1 row).

Switch to 10mm needles.

Work the following stitch pattern until piece measures 20cm from cast on edge.  For a more slouchy hat, work until 22cm.  Stop at round end, wherever you are in the stitch pattern.

Stitch pattern: (k6, p2) – work this continuously across the rounds.  The odd number of cast on stitches will push the pattern out of line thus forming a spiral.

Shape the crown of the beanie hat

K2tog once, k to end of round

(K3, k2tog) to end of round

K 1 round 

(K2, k2tog) to end of round

K 1 round

(K1, k2tog) to end of round

To finish the spiral beanie hat

Cut yarn and thread though the stitches that remain on the knitting needle.  Carefully remove knitting needle.  Gather to form top of hat and secure.  Sew in yarn ends.

Attach pompom if desired. My burgundy one was purchased here at Amazon UK. I would also like to recommend this Etsy store that sells awesome hand made faux fur pompoms.

And that’s it, a lovely super chunky spiral pompom beanie hat.

Soft and snuggly, perfect for gifting or for wearing yourself.

We hope you have enjoyed this free super chunky beanie hat knitting pattern.

This knitting pattern is featured in the book More Bits and Pieces, 30 Fast and Easy Knitting Patterns.

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