The Difference Between Knitting And Crochet

To a novice, it can be really difficult to see the difference between a piece of knitting or crochet work.

To those of us who knit or crochet, we recognise the difference straight away.

Working with yarn using either knitting or crochet gives an entirely different (in most cases) finish and fabric, and how you actually do it differs massively.

This article will explain the similarities differences between knitting and crochet, and may help you to decide which one you may be interested in learning, or whether or not you would like to try out a new skill.

How Knitting Works

Knitting is a yarn craft carried out by the use of two needles. The needles may be straight or circular, and in some cases more than two needles are used (when using double pointed needles to make garments such as socks).

The main principle in knitting is that stitches on one needle will be worked with and passed onto another needle. This creates the fabric.

Knitting is worked using two needles – the stitches are passed from one needle to another.

How Crochet Works

Crochet is worked by using only one hook. A chain is made using the hook, and then the hook works into the chain, creating the fabric via a series of loops.

It is said that crochet is faster than knitting. I am a knitter but have had a go at some basic crochet. I do think that the fabric of crochet works up faster than knitting – however this may not be the case for everyone – some knitters work incredibly fast. Because of this I wouldn’t like to conclusively say that crochet is faster than knitting.

Here we can see crochet being worked – one hook is used rather than two needles, as is the method in knitting.

Similarities Between Knitting and Crochet

Both knitting and crochet produce a fabric made from yarn.

You can use different thickness knitting needles and crochet hooks – thus enabling the use of thicker and thinner yarn and wool, and chunkier or finer fabrics.

There are different types of both knitting and crochet. For example, loom knitting, machine knitting, continental knitting, intarsia knitting and knitting in the round. Within the field of crochet, you can find Tunisian crochet, arigurumi crochet, Bosnian crochet and more.

You can use both knitting and crochet to create clothes, accessories, toys, blankets, and most items made from wool and yarn.

Both knitting and crochet enable you to work with different stitches, giving different textures and looks to your fabric and projects.

Differences Between Knitting and Crochet

There are some key differences between knitting and crochet, and some garments or fabrics may be better produced by using either one or the other.

One big difference between knitting and crochet is that knitting has more drape and stretch than crochet.

Crochet fabric is more stiff than knitted fabric.

This may mean than knitting is more suitable for making garments that need to fit the body than crochet. Cardigans, pullovers, socks – garments such as these will be stretchier and will fit better if they are knit rather than crocheted.

Because the fabric made from crocheting is stiffer, this craft is more suited to garments such as bags, cushions, blankets, scarves and so on, where a snug and precise fit isn’t necessary.

Crochet is also more suited than knitting to creating small objects with very fine yarn, such as beautiful flowers.

This elephant rug was made using crochet – it has an entirely different look than knitting. Crochet has less stretch and is well suited for making home furnishings from yarn.

Which Is Easier – Knitting Or Crochet

A knitter will tell you that knitting is easier than crochet, and a crocheter will say the opposite.

I have several knitting and crochet friends, and of the ones who do both crafts, they have told me that crochet is easier and faster. One woman I know has an online store where she sells her wares, and she told me that she only ever sells her crochet work, and never her knitting. She said this is because crochet is faster and easier and that she would never be able to sustain a knitting business.

Personally, I like to knit. I think knitting has more possibilities regarding colour work, such as Fair Isle, mosaic or intarsia.

I do however think that crochet is faster. The fabric is thicker, and you only use one hand to work the stitches.

Crochet also looks stunning and is a wonderful craft for making cute arigurumi toys (affiliate link).

A cute crochet arigurumi hippo toy.

Thanks very much for visiting The Knitting Times today. We hope you found this article about the differences between knitting and crochet useful and interesting!

Please do let us know if you have tried knitting and/or crochet and which one you think is faster or easier!

One thought on “The Difference Between Knitting And Crochet

  1. Knitting seems more versatile to me. I love the feel of the finished product – softer. But I have done more knitting than crocheting, so perhaps I am just another biased knitter!


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