Chunky Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

I had some leftover chunky yarn and fancied making a cute little pixie egg cosy out of it. Absolutely couldn’t find any knitting patterns for chunky egg cosies though they were all double knitting ones.

Spent a bit of time working out the right dimensions and here we have it, a chunky egg cosy!

A very fast and easy knit, perfect for using up little bits of leftover yarn.

Materials and yarn used

Needles: 6mm straight needles.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Superbingo, approx 25g. You can use any leftover chunky yarn to make this egg cosy. You can also knit it with two strands of double knitting yarn held together.

Additional materials: A small amount of double knitting or 4 ply yarn to make the fork pompom.  Mohair was used for this egg cosy.

Chunky Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

Cast on 15 stitches.

Knit 4 rows 

Work 6 rows of stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row)

Shape to decrease as follows

K3, k2tog x 3

Purl 1 row

K2, k2tog x 3

Purl 1 row 

k1, k2tog x 3

Cut yarn, leaving it long enough to sew up back seam.  Thread the yarn through the stitches which remain on the needles, draw to secure and sew up the back seam.  Weave in all ends.

Make a pompom

The best method for making smaller pompoms is the fork method.  It is better to use a wool thinner than chunky for this.  Double knitting or 4 ply thickness is ideal. I used some mohair for this particular egg cosy.

How To Make A Fork Pompom

You need a fork with an even number of spokes, so that there is a clear centre.

Then simply wrap the wool around the fork several times. The more you wrap, the chunkier the pompom will be.  Cut yarn when finished wrapping, and then cut a long piece.  Wrap this piece around the centre of the wrapped wool, as shown, and tie it securely. Now remove from the fork and cut the loops.

Voila a pompom! Fluff it up a bit and sew or glue (with a hot glue gun) onto the cosy.

Make your eggs feel all snuggled up and happy. And then eat them. 

Here is another idea using the egg cosy hat – a gnome!  I made a pompom with some fluffy yarn and glued on a button.  The hat was then glued over the button, making it look like the little gnome’s eyes are lost under the hat.  This would make a cute tree decoration.

We love egg cosies, they are just so fun to knit. Please do let us know of any other chunky egg cosy knitting patterns!

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