Book Review: A Hat for Grandma – a Knitting Story by Madalina Hubert

Today I wanted to write to write a book review about an amazingly cute children’s book which is all about knitting.

The story follows Amy, a young girl who wants to knit a colorful hat as a birthday gift for Grandma. The problem is that Amy has never knitted before, not to mention that Grandma only wears gray hats. But Amy is undaunted by the challenge and enlists Mom’s help. 

Mom is an experienced knitter who makes scarves, mittens, hats, and socks. What follows is Amy’s journey of learning how to knit, while following the principles of patience, hard work, and determination.

This story is a tribute to the wonder and beauty of knitting, as well as to the loving relationship between three generations of women.  

Book Review

This is an absolutely charming children’s book. The illustrations are very pretty, and include pictures of knitting techniques such as a slip knot and casting on.

The little girl who wants to knit a colourful hat, Amy, makes mistakes but is determined to make a unique and perfect hat for her grandma’s birthday. She perseveres, and completes the task at hand, with the help of her mother, with joy and pride.

At the end of the book, there are some questions to ask the young reader, or listener, depending on their age. This gives an opportunity for some reflection about Amy’s motives when knitting the hat.

I would really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys knitting, and would like to introduce a youngster to this amazing craft. The book would in fact suit any child who simply wishes to be entertained. The book written in a lovely, lively, snappy way and would be perfect for reading aloud.

For more information and some Q&A about this lovely knitting book, please visit this link:

You can find the book ‘A Hat for Grandma’ for purchase here on

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