Super Chunky Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

If you are a fan of knitting with super chunky yarn, you will likely have several odds and ends of leftover wool hanging around.

This lovely warm cowl will help you to use them up. The cowl, being made only from garter stitch and super chunky yarn, is a great knitting project for using them up.

The cowl is knit only in garter stitch. This adds extra warmth and cosiness, and of course makes for an incredibly easy knit.

Read on to find the free knitting pattern for this lovely, easy to knit, super chunky cowl.

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What you need to knit the super chunky cowl

My cowl was knit from leftover super chunky yarn. The total weight of the yarn is 400g.

I used a plain black yarn, and added in random stripes of leftovers. The leftovers were mainly bits of art yarn/handspun which was purchased from The Fibre Tree on Etsy. The scarf contain ribbons, sequins, and eyelash yarn, thanks to using the leftover art yarns.

You can however use any super chunky to knit this cowl, whatever you have to hand.

You also need a pair of 10mm knitting needles. If you knit tightly, use 12mm needles.

Super chunky cowl knitting pattern

So many ways to wrap a style this beautiful, easy to knit, super chunky hand knit cowl.

Using straight 10mm needles and a chosen main yarn, cast on 30 stitches. This produces a very wide (and very warm) cowl. 20 stitches would make it less bulky. You can choose.

Then basically knit in garter stitch (knit every row) and every now and again change into a contrast yarn of your choice. Knit between 4 and 8 rows of the contrast yarn, then change back into the main yarn again, and repeat.

Be creative and keep the changing of yarns random. It makes the cowl unique and gives it an amazing designer flair.

The contrast yarn simply needs to be suitable for 10mm needles. You can use multiple strands of thinner wool, for example 4 strands of double knitting wool held together. Or 2 strands of chunky. Or one strand of chunky and 2 strands of double knitting.

The cowl is knit until it is 150cm long. This is, in my option, the perfect length for a doubled over cowl scarf. It gives just about the right amount of bulk and snuggle.

Here you can see some of the lovely details of the textures within the cowl.

And that’s all there is to it to knit this really easy super chunky cowl.

Thanks for visiting us today, please do let us know if you knit this pattern!

We have more free cowl knitting patterns here.

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