Christmas Stockings – Free Knitting Patterns

Christmas stockings are wonderful things to knit. Eco friendly, because they are reusable year after year, a knitted Christmas stocking makes a wonderful gift in itself, as well as for using to place those special treats into.

This article contains a list of some wonderful free Christmas stocking knitting patterns that we have found on the internet. You can also find our own free knitting pattern – a cute little Niklaus boot.

Read on to find our free Christmas stocking knitting pattern directory and instructions to knit your own holiday time boot!

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What is a Niklaus boot?

On 6th December in Germany, children leave their boots outside and Saint Nikolaus comes in the night and fills them with chocolate.  It is sort of an early Christmas and is excitedly awaited by children of various religions all over the country.

Niklaus doesn’t place chocolate into the boots of naughty children, however. Those who haven’t been well behaved will receive only sticks. This can be seen as the equivalent of Santa’s naughty list.

 One would imagine that no child ever received sticks as surely they are all little angels at heart.

One year (we lived in Germany at that time), my daughter was quite dismayed as she didn’t have any boots that year, only shoes. She was convinced that Niklaus wouldn’t leave her any chocolate. As any knitter would, I rummaged around in my stash and came up with a hand knitted boot for the occasion. My daughter was delighted, and Niklaus too, for he stuffed it full of tasty treats.

If you would like to knit your own boot, either for Niklaus or for use as a Christmas stocking or gift bag, here is the free knitting pattern.

Niklaus Boot free knitting pattern

A cute little knitted boot – a great idea for a super quick Christmas stocking – perfect for when you need a gift in a hurry.

This cute boot can be whipped up in an hour or two and is a wonderful way to present a Christmas gift.

The boot is made using super chunky yarn, and is knit flat on two needles.

My boot has a wonderful, sparkly brim – this was created by knitting two strands of King Cole Tinsel Chunky yarn held together. You can use any sort of fluffy yarn. Just make sure that it is thick enough to knit on 12mm knitting needles.

Materials and yarn used to make the Niklaus boot

Needles – 12mm straight needles.


Approx 25g of King Cole tinsel chunky eyelash yarn for the trim, or something similar.  Work with 2 strands held together. 

Approx 50g of super chunky yarn for the main part of the boot, plus a little more for a twisted cord.


k – knit

kfb – knit into front and back of stitch

psso – pass slipped stitch over

Niklaus Boot knitting pattern

The boot is worked from the toe upwards.

On 12mm needles and with the main yarn, loosely cast on 17 stitches.

Follow the next 10 increase rows to set the shape of the sole.

  1. K
  2. K1, kfb, k5, kfb, kfb, k5, kfb, k2 (21 stitches)
  3. K
  4. K1, kfb, k, kfb, kfb, k7, kfb, k2 (25 stitches)
  5. K
  6. K1, kfb, k9, kfb, kfb, k9, kfb, k2 (29 stitches)
  7. K
  8. K
  9. K
  10. K

Now shape the heel and foot by following the next 9 decrease rows.

  1. K16, s1, k1, psso, turn
  2. K4, k2tog, turn
  3. K4, s1, k1, psso, turn
  4. K4, k2tog, turn
  5. K4, s1, k1, psso, turn
  6. K4, k2tog, turn
  7. K4, s1, k1, psso, turn
  8. K4, k2tog, turn
  9. K

Switch to tinsel yarn and work 2 strands held together. K 5 rows.  Cast off in K.

Join foot and back seam.

Make a twisted cord from a 2m long piece of the main super chunky yarn.  Attach the twisted cord to the inside of the boot, forming a loop. You don’t have to add a loop to the boot – we did so to save Saint Niklaus from bending down and straining his back.

Directory of free Christmas stocking knitting patterns

We hope you enjoyed our Niklaus boot knitting pattern! Read on to find links to some more great free patterns to help you with your Christmas and holiday gift giving. Click on the titles to get to the free patterns. You may need to sign up to some of the websites to access their free knitting patterns. All knitting patterns are free at the time of writing.

This hand knit stocking was made using the Rockin’ Stocking free knitting pattern (second on our list). It was altered a little, using King Cole Tinsel as a trim, and then some braided yarn was sewn on the back. The idea was to give a bit of a nod to Elsa. Fun for any fan of Frozen!

Reindeer Christmas Stocking – This is a beautiful, heirloom Christmas stocking which is knit on 3.25mm circular knitting needles. The free knitting pattern is available on the Deramores website.

Rockin’ Stocking – this free knitting pattern is for knitters who love a faster knitting project. Knit on 12mm needles, this is such a fun stocking to make. Available from Wool and the Gang.

This link to Purl Soho will take you several free Christmas stocking patterns. Some are sewn, and there are several knitted stockings to make too. Beautiful knitting designs which are definitely worth checking out!

The Knit Holiday Stockings Collection by Yarnspirations is another must click if you are looking for the perfect free Christmas stocking knitting pattern. Here you will find cabled stockings, mini stockings, and even a pillow with cute little stockings as a decoration.

The Sweet Christmas Stocking by Vogue Knitting is full of texture and cheer. A beautiful free pattern which is perfect for fans of super bulky yarn.

Santa’s Sock is another chunky knit Christmas stocking that is a fast and fun project. Free knitting pattern courtesy of Drops Design.

The Garter Cuff Stocking Ornament is a wonderful free knitting pattern for a mini stocking to hang on your Christmas tree. Free from Lion Brand.

The Decorated Christmas Stocking pattern, also from Lion Brand, is perfect for hanging up on your fireplace – a traditional stocking with cute bobble detailing.

Last, but by no means least, on your free Christmas stocking knitting pattern list is this amazing Amanda Berry pattern. Knit in DK yarn, this is the perfect pattern to make a traditional and yet modern stocking for your home.

Thank you for joining us today at The Knitting Times. We hope you have found the perfect stocking knitting pattern, and that you might try to knit our own little boot!

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