Super Chunky Stash Buster Cowl Knitting pattern

If you like to knit with super chunky yarn you may have several bits and bobs hanging around which are longing to be turned into something lovely.

This statement piece cowl may be just the answer.

The cowl is knit on 15mm (US size 19) knitting needles using whatever yarns you have that need using up.

Your yarn doesn’t even have to all be all super chunky to knit this colourful cowl. You can double and treble up any leftover yarns – whatever you have to hand – to create a most unique and beautiful piece that is both fun and extremely snuggly to wear.

Ready to make a super chunky super stash buster cowl? Read on to find out more and to get the free knitting pattern.

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The mistake rib stitch

This cowl is knit on 15mm knitting needles using the mistake rib stitch

The mistake rib is an easy, one one stitch pattern. It is worked on an odd number of stitches as follows:

*k2, p2* to last 3 stitches, k2, p1.

So simple for such a lovely effect. You can’t see the pattern clearly if you use a lot of textured yarns liken the cowl shown here, however it is subtly visible, and looks lovely.

Another benefit of the mistake rib stitch is that the work lies flat and doesn’t pull in (thus it is faster to knit up than regular rib).

The knitting needles

The super chunky cowl is knit on jumbo sized 15mm knitting needles. I bought mine here on Amazon UK. If you live over the pond, this pair on Etsy looks really awesome.

The cowl is knit flat on straight needles and then seamed at the end. If you use textured yarns you won’t see the seam at all. In any case when working with textured knitting stitches such as the mistake rib, the seam is often well hidden at the end anyway.

The yarn

Use whatever you have. I have used a mixture of eyelash yarn, hand spun wool, thick and thin store bought yarn, boucle yarn knit trebled up – all sorts! The cowl really was created to use up a ton of leftover chunky yarn. I also threw in some much thinner yarn, knitting several strands held together. The cowl contains some regular super chunky yarn, too.

Some beautiful hand spun yarn. Leftovers of this sort of wool are great as accents in cowls and scarves.

Any yarn that works to 8mm needles or thicker was knit single stranded, the rest was doubled up or more. Whatever it takes to fit the big knitting needles, really.

This really is a totally creative cowl and I promise you, it is so much fun to knit!

The Super Chunky Stash Buster Cowl knitting pattern

Materials and yarn used

Needles – 15mm straight needles.


Approx 200g of stash yarn.  You can use any yarn to make this cowl, knitting it double, treble or even fourtuple (is that a word?) to suit the needle size and bust that stash right away!

The pattern

Cast on 39 stitches and work every row in mistake rib pattern as follows:

*k2, p2* to last 3 stitches, k2, p1.

Knit until work measures 20cm from cast on edge and cast off in pattern.

Sew up back seam and weave in all ends.

And that’s it! Hope you liked it and feel inspired to knit a big and chunky, statement cowl.

If you would like to find out more about hand spun yarn, you may like this article.

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