Yarn and Knitting Companies Who Offer Free Knitting Patterns

If you ask your search engine to look for the term ‘free knitting patterns’ you will be overwhelmed by websites absolutely choc full of wonderful free of charge designs for you to knit.

Actually, these free knitting pattern websites can be totally overwhelming.  While very informative, they usually contain numerous advertisements and it is quite difficult to see the actual knitting designs through all of the other distracting elements.

The Knitting Times believes that one of the best ways to find absolute gems of free knitting patterns is to go directly to yarn manufacturers and retailers and see what they have to offer.  

This is a particularly brilliant idea if you have some favourite yarn and would love to find some free knitting patterns which are designed exactly for that yarn.

Not all yarn and wool companies offer free knitting patterns, so it can take some time researching which do and which don’t.

However, we are here to help you!  We have had a good look around the net and found knitting businesses who offer an array of beautiful free knitting patterns.

All you have to do is click on the links to check them out!

Some of these companies require a sign up to obtain the free knitting patterns. 

Some of the free knitting patterns that you will see when clicking on the following links may appear to be not free, for example they may be part of a kit.  However, you can select to simply download the free pattern without making any further purchases.

This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made after clicking on them may result in The Knitting Times receiving, at no extra cost to yourself, a small commission.

List of Companies Who Offer Free Knitting Patterns

Lion Brand

No sign up is required to obtain access to the massive free knitting pattern collection in the Lion Brand library.


You will be amazed at the quality of the free knitting patterns from the Bernat yarn company.  No sign up is required. You can find free knitting patterns for blankets, baby cardigans, gloves and much, much more.


A UK based yarn retailer, Deramores boasts 17 pages of free knitting patterns from designers such as Amanda Berry and The Cornish Knitting Company.


One of the biggest and most beloved wool company in the UK, they offer some stunning free knitting patterns including baby clothes, shawls and blankets.

Vogue Knitting

Vogue Knitting offers some absolutely beautiful and stylish free knitting patterns.  Well worth checking out.

Drops Designs

Drops Designs do not actual sell wool to individual knitters.  They sell in bulk to merchants and make their huge amount of gorgeous free knitting patterns available to the public, the idea being that knitters then go on to buy the wool.

Drops Designs free knitting patterns are translated from Norwegian and involve the use of charts rather than written instructions.

Knit Picks

This is a US based yarn retail company which offers some excellent free knitting patterns from an array of independent designers.  A hidden gem for anyone looking for free patterns.


Lovecrafts is an awesome yarn retailer that enables knitters and crocheters to access yarn from places like Sweden and Germany, when they wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy it.

There is a lovely collection of free knitting patterns on this website.

Purl Soho

Purl Soho is a company aimed at the young, modern knitter and their free websites range from simple hats to stunning wraps and blankets.

We Are Knitters 

This is another new knitting company which aims itself at younger crafters.  Their super chunky wool, The Wool, is a highly sought after yarn for quick and pretty knits.

They offer a good amount of free knitting patterns on their website.

Wool And The Gang

There are some lovely free knitting patterns


This is an excellent yarn company with beautiful free and paid knitting patterns. This is a wonderful place for US knitters to access some continental yarns.

Another brilliant place to find free knitting patterns is the website Ravelry.  This site contains a massive database of available knitting patterns, both free and paid.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of knitting and yarn companies who offer free knitting patterns.  Please do let us know how you get on with finding some designs to knit, or if there are any great companies that we have missed off our list.

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