Book Review : Knit Like a Latvian…Accessories

Written by Maz

There is a really wonderful knitting book called Knit Like a Latvian…Accessories. I have had my eye on it for a while, and having obtained a copy, was not disappointed and have decided to write a review about it.

This book contains 40 knitting patterns for amazing accessories including hats, ear warmers, gloves, scarves and wraps, and is a follow up to the book Knit Like a Latvian. The author of the book is Leva Ozolina.

Please read on to find out more about this stunning knitting pattern book. Please note this post contain affiliate links.

Knit Like a Latvian…Accessories – a book review

As written above, the book I am reviewing today is a follow up to Knit Like a Latvian by Leva Ozolina. The original book is basically a mitten knitting pattern book, in the Latvian style.

You see, knitted mittens are a key part of traditional Latvian culture. Girls are taught to knit at a young age and it is a custom at weddings for brides to give mittens to their guests as a gift. Latvian knitting design could be described as folk knitting, like Fair Isle. This involves working from a chart.

The Knit Like a Latvian books (the second book in the series is a collection of traditional sock knitting patterns) contain patterns for all levels of knitter, and they show you how to incorporate traditional designs into a modern wardrobe.

Anyway, let us return to the main book that we are reviewing today, Knit Like a Latvian…Accessories.

This beautiful book contains 40 wonderful knitting patterns. The author, Leva Ozolina, explains that accessories aren’t actually a key part of the long running Latvian knitting tradition. However, she has used her imagination and translated the amazing folk patterns and techniques into stunning scarves, gloves, hats and so on.

You will learn about the symbols found within Latvian knitting, and what they mean. If you look at the photo of the scarf below, one of the accessories in the book, you will see how these symbols are carved into the work. How wonderful that each one has a special meaning too!

This knitting pattern book contains masses of information and instructions about the techniques needed to knit the designs within the pages. I love that you can knit headbands. This is a wonderful way to start off with Latvian knitting, as this is a quick (ish) knitting project that requires no shaping. You can just concentrate on mastering techniques such as stranding, following charts etc.

The author does recommend that you have some experience in colour work knitting before tackling the patterns in the book. A beginner therefore might be better to start off with the first book in the series (see above).

I definitely do recommend this book if you are a fan of colourful knitted accessories. If you enjoy Fair Isle knitting, you will love it for sure. Please see below for another photo of the inside of the book. Absolutely gorgeous gloves or what!

Thank you very much for visiting us today. You can get your hands on, or read more about, Knit Like a Latvian…Accessories here at Amazon.

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