Easy Super Chunky Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern 

Now that the weather is getting colder, we are all digging out our favourite boots and winter shoes. Our cold weather footwear can be even cosier if we add a pair of soft and snuggly knitted boot cuffs.

Boot cuffs are a super knitting project for using up yarn leftovers, and they make a terrific gift. It is easy to find free boot cuff knitting patterns online – we have provided a list off our favourite ones at the end of this article.

Before you start the search for a new boot cuff knitting pattern though, why not try our free one, right here? All you need is approx 50g of super chunky/super bulky yarn and a spare hour or so and voilà – extra snug ankles for you or a lucky gift recipient.

Read on to get your free easy super chunky boot cuff knitting pattern, and to find out where to find more free patterns to make these winter essential items!

How to wear boot cuffs

A boot cuff is essentially a short leg warmer. You stuff them into your boots, or over your shoes or trainers, to keep your ankles warm. It is amazing the effect that having sung ankles makes, especially in biting cold wind.

Some boot cuffs are designed to fold over your boot at the top. Whichever way your wear your boots cuffs, they are both practical and decorative. Boot cuffs enable you to add a splash of colour to a dull day, and you can either contrast with or match the rest of your outfit and accessories.

The joy of knitting is being able to create knitwear in any colour and pattern desired. Matching hat and footwear thanks to coordinated boot cuffs – no problem. Boot cuffs can really bring an outfit together as well as keeping your extra warm.

Free easy super chunky boot cuffs knitting pattern

This free knitting pattern for a pair of easy super chunky boot cuffs couldn’t be simpler. They are basically a knit square, seamed together at the back. All you need is a small amount of super chunky yarn – any type will do. The cuffs will stretch to fit so you don’t need to worry about size. For a large ankle width, simply use a 12mm knitting needle throughout.

Materials Required to knit the super chunky boot cuffs

1 pair each of 10 and 12mm knitting needles

Approx 50g of super chunky yarn

Scissors and needle for sewing up

Abbreviations and Terminology 

K – knit

P – purl

Patt – pattern

Stocking stitch – knit across rs rows and p across ws rows

Rs – right side

Ws – wrong side 

1 x 1 rib – *k1, p1; rep from *across entire row

Tension Gauge 

Over 5cm in stocking stitch on 10mm needles – 5 stitches and 5 rows

Finished Measurements

Width approx 11cm and height 18cm.

Knitting Pattern (make 2)

With 10mm needles, cast on 18 stitches.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib.

Switch to 12mm needles.

Work 10 rows of stocking stitch.

Switch back to 10mm knitting needles.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib.

Making Up

Cast off in patt. Sew the seam together and weave in all ends. 

More free boot cuff knitting patterns

There are dozens of free boot cuff knitting patterns out there. Here are some that we think are particularly nice and well worth checking out. Knitting patterns are free of charge at the time of writing – this can change in the future.

Thanks for visiting The Knitting Times today, we hope you will enjoy knitting some fabulous boot cuffs to keep your ankles warm this winter!

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