Blue Racoon Pompom Hat Knitting Pattern

This blue racoon animal pompom hat knitting pattern is too cute not to share!

Of course, you don’t have to knit the hat in blue but it kind of looks cute in these colours, we think.

Blue is a really useful colour as it always looks so good with jeans – nothing not to love about it.

Read on to find out more about this cute pompom hat and to get the free knitting pattern.

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About the Blue Racoon Pompom hat

This racoon inspired pompom beanie hat is to fit a teenager or adult. It is knit from chunky yarn on 6.5mm straight knitting needles. You can use any chunky yarn that fits to this needle size. The hat in the photos was knit from Wool Addicts Earth. This is a European yarn, I’m not sure where it can be purchased outside of mainland Europe. There are however many other amazing yarns in this thickness. You will surely be able to find something suitable to make your racoon hat!

Lion Brand Hue and Me would be an excellent option for US knitters. For those of you in the UK, we love Stylecraft Special Chunky for hats and just about anything else that needs a soft, chunky yarn.

The person who knit this hat (me, by the way :)) is quite a loose knitter. The gauge is given below within the knitting pattern. If you knit quite tightly, I would cast on an extra 10 stitches at the beginning of the piece.

The racoon hat is a very easy knitting pattern. The eyes are made from two sewn on buttons and the ears from pompoms. I do not like knitting ears. they are quite a faff and pompoms are such a super cute alternative.

The yellow coloured Clover pompom maker is the perfect size for making bear type animal ears for hats. Not too big, not too small, just right, as Goldilocks may well say about bear ears made this way.

Ok, so the free knitting pattern for the hat is next.

Enjoy, and thanks so much for visiting today!

Never too old for an animal pompom hat!

Blue Racoon Hat Knitting Pattern

Adult One Size

You will need:

  • Pair each of 5.5mm/US 9 size and 6.5mm/US size 10 straight knitting needles.
  • 80g of chunky yarn – 50g of main colour and approx 30g of contrast colour.
  • Pair of buttons for the eyes.
  • Pompom maker for the ears.
  • Darning needle to sew up seam and a pair of scissors.


  • K – knit
  • P – purl
  • K2tog – knit 2 stitches together

Tension Information

Over 2cm:  2.5 stitches and 3 rows.



With 5.5mm knitting needles and main colour (paler blue), cast on 60 stitches. Cast on 70 for a larger head or if you knit tightly.

Work 4 rows of 1 x 1 rib – (K1,P1) across each row.

Switch to 6.5mm needles.

Commencing with a K row, work stocking stitch (K right side rows, P wrong side rows) for 10 rows.

Change to contrast colour (darker blue).  Work stocking stitch for 8 rows.

Switch back to contrast colour and work stocking stitch until piece measures 18cm from cast on edge.  End with a P row.

Now work the following shaping rows.

  • (K3, K2tog) across row
  • P
  • (K2, K2tog) across row
  • P
  • (K1, K2tog) across row
  • P
  • (K2tog) across row

Break yarn, leaving a long enough tail to sew up back seam.  Thread through remaining stitches and draw up firmly.  Sew up back seam and then weave in all loose ends.


Using main yarn and 6.5mm knitting needles, cast on 5 stitches.

K 4 rows.

Cast off.

Sew onto hat using photo as a guide.


Make two pompoms in a suitable size and attach to hat as per photo.

To finish

Sew on two buttons to make the eyes.

The Blue Racoon is having a rest.

More Racoon Hat Knitting Patterns

Just in case you are a particular fan of knitted racoon hats, you may like this knitting pattern which is available on Etsy.

This free knitting pattern for a square racoon hat is also very cute!

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