Vintage Seed Stitch Headband Free Knitting Pattern

Headbands are such a fun knitting project. Fast and easy because you don’t have any shaping to worry about.

This free headband knitting pattern can be knit in around an hour thanks to the use of large knitting needles and super chunky yarn.

The headband in the photograph was knit using two strands of regular chunky yarn knit together. You could do that too to make this headband, or you can use any regular super chunky yarn. Look for one that calls for 10mm knitting needles.

The Vintage Seed Stitch

This headband is made using a seed stitch. This is a stitch used in many vintage knitting patterns.

It is basically a plain stocking stitch with a few purl stitches thrown in.

This gives the finished fabric little scattered dots which looks really pretty.

The stitch is usually worked in a thinner yarn. However, it is fun to take these old fashioned knitting stitches and use them with modern, chunky yarn. It gives an entirely new look to a vintage stitch.

Two plain knit stitches are worked on either side of the headband. This prevents the curling up that would otherwise occur when knitting this seed stitch.

Super Chunky Seed Stitch Headband Knitting Pattern

Ok, without further ado here is the free knitting pattern for this pretty super chunky headband.

Needles and yarn required:

10mm straight needles and 50g yarn in chunky (worked double) or super chunky thickness. 

Yarn used for headband in photograph:

Unbranded pure wool in a light chunky thickness.

Tension Gauge:

In 2cm – 2 stitches and 3 rows, in Patt.

Finished measurements:

Width 13cm, length 45cm.

You can use any super chunky yarn that works with 10mm knitting needles to make this pretty headband.


Cast on 12 stitches.

Work the following 12 row stitch pattern as follows until piece is desired length – suggested is 45cm.  Cast off in Patt.

K2, *k3, p1*; rep from * to last 2 stitches, k2

K2, p8, k2


K2, p8, k2

K2, *k1, p1, k2*; rep from * to last 2 stitches, k2

K2, p8, k2


K2, p8, k2

K2, *p1, k3*; rep from * to last 2 stitches, k2

K2, p8, k2


K2, p8, k2

Make up and finish:

Sew up the two ends of the headband.  Weave in all loose ends. Take a piece of yarn around 2m long and wrap this around the centre of the headband to gather. You can alternatively not cinch in the headband and wear it as one thick piece. You can see the stitch effect and how the headband would look without a centre gathering in the photo below.

The subtle vintage seed stitch gives this hand knit headband an interesting texture.

This headband is part of a collection in this knitting pattern leaflet.

Thanks so much for visiting the Knitting Times.

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