How to knit a bag from scarf yarn – free knitting pattern

Scarf yarns are absolutely wonderful to knit with. If, like me, you are a fan of this amazing frilly yarn, you may well have quite a collection of hand knit scarves to brighten up your daily wardrobe.

What do you do though, when you really don’t need any more scarves but just can’t put this stunning, textured, fast to knit wool down?

Here is a great scarf yarn idea for you – knit a frilly little handbag!

Read on the get the free bag knit from scarf yarn knitting pattern!

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Knitting pattern for a scarf yarn bag

This free knitting pattern is perfect for using scarf yarn when you don’t actually need another scarf. You could of course also knit this handbag to match a scarf that you already have. Or why not knit both items! There really is no such thing as too much knitting or too much yarn.

The bag in the photo was knit with Rico Loopy Pompom yarn.

Here is a more colourful version of this yarn, details below, or you may choose to use some scarf yarn that you already own.

Rico Loopy Pompom Print (this is on sale as I write this article but may not be later).

Materials needed to knit the scarf yarn bag

For a bag sized around 28 x 30cm, use approx 400g of the loopy pompom yarn as stated above. You can use other scarf yarns, however this may give a different sized bag and you may require more or less yarn.

You also need an 8mm circular needle, 60cm long and a button to fasten the bag.

Tension: 4 stitches and 14 rows to 10cm over garter stitch on 8mm knitting needles.


Cast on 35 stitches with the whole thread and join into a round. Work the following rounds:

Round 1 – knit

Round 2 – purl

Round 3 – knit

Round 4 – purl

Round 5 – knit

Round 6 – purl

Round 7 – Join a second ball of scarf yarn to run alongside the first ball. To do this, hold it against the top edge of the work with the curly side facing outwards). Insert the needle into every other loop at the top edge of the ribbon of the 2nd ball. Knit through the ribbon with the whole thread of the first ball. Continue the next three rounds with he first ball only, leaving the second ball aside.

Rounds 8 and 10 – Purl with while thread of first ball

Round 9 – knit

Round 11 – As round 7, pulling up the yarn of the 2nd ball over rounds 8 -10. Continue in garter stitch, repeating rounds 7 – 10 5 times, making 6 ruffle rows.

Cast off.

To make up the scarf yarn bag

Weave in all loose ends.

Sew up bottom of bag with matching colour thread and sew on a button.

For the shoulder strap, cast on 5 stitches with he whole thread and knit every row until desired length. cast off and sew the ends of the straps to the sides of the bag.

And that’s it, a fun and flirty scarf yarn handbag. I hope you enjoyed this free knitting pattern thanks so much for visiting The Knitting Times today!

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