Gift Ideas For Knitters

Post contains some affiliate links.

Do you buy yourself presents?  I do!

In fact, since this whole Corona pandemic situation started I have been buying myself a few too many online gifts so that there’s always something to look forward to.

I know I’m not alone here.  Online sales have soared and I’m pretty sure that its partly due to people treating themselves to cheeky little gifts to cheer themselves up.

Us knitters love to gift ourselves with yarn of course, but did you know that if you look a little harder on the internet you will find so many more knitting things that you need:).

Well, last night I was searching for a knitting related gift for myself and stumbled across this Etsy list of Gifts For Knitters.

It is most excellent and I will be referring to it next time my mum or a knitter friend has a birthday.

In fact, I liked this list so much that I decided to make my own wish list of gifts for knitters.  It is made up of knitting related items that I would love to receive as gifts, either from myself, a friend or a family member.

Knitting earrings – check.  Row counter – check. Stitch marker – check.  Awesome knitting project bag – check.

I may have accidentally clicked purchase as I was compiling this list of knitters gifts.  More than once.

And I am so happy about it! Yay!!!

Please read on to find out my ultimate gift list for knitters.  Not sure if anything on here beats a  rather cheeky F off I’m knitting mug though!  Those are just brilliant!

The Knitting Times Ultimate Gifts For Knitters List

Click the titles to view the items.

Engraved Name Plate

This is an amazing gift idea that any knitter would love, and is unlikely to already own.  The name plate can be placed on a door or on the wall.  How about “Mum’s Knitting Corner” as a great gift idea for a knitter mum?

Knitting Earrings

The sweet ball of wool earrings are a bestseller and it is easy to see why.  Any knitter would love to receive these ball of wool adornments as a gift.  A real smile maker.

Small Project Bag

We absolutely adore these little project bags for transporting or gifting your small little bits and pieces.  With a cute insect theme, they are simply beautiful and so unique.

Butterfly Stitch Markers

These clever stitch markers would make a beautiful and unusual knitting themed gift.  Not do only do they help you see where you new row or round is, they also count with clever number beads attached.

Personalised Knitting Bag

Everyone loves to receive a personalised gift, whatever the event.  This knitting project project comes in a variety of colours and would be sure fire hit with anyone who loves to knit.

Hands Free Digital Row Counter

An inexpensive gift that any knitter would love, this row counter sits on your finger and you simply press the button as you reach the end of a row.

Hand Carved Knitting Needles 

These stunning hand carved knitting needles have a magical theme and would be a great gift for anyone who appreciates hand made, luxury wooden items with a knitting theme.

Etsy Gift Card

Finally, an Etsy gift card is a gift that any knitter or crocheter would love to receive.  It then be exchanged on the website for wool, patterns, tools, indeed all manner of knitting relating items.

This is the perfect gift for a knitter when you really can’t decide what in the woolly world they might really, really love.

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